Tracking Mexico's Drug Cartels Timeline

Oct 21 2015

Why Drug Cartels Are Stealing Mexico's Fuel

As Mexico reforms its energy sector, the illegal tapping of pipelines presents serious challenges.
Sep 17 2015

Mexico's Disorganized Crime

The country's illegal drug trade, once dominated by three players, continues to splinter into smaller groups.
Jul 23 2015

How the Drug War Redefines U.S.-Mexico Relations

Mexico wants the upper hand in security cooperation with its powerful northern neighbor.
Jul 22 2015

Viewing Mexican Cartel Corruption With a Counterintelligence Lens

Fighting Mexican cartel corruption effectively requires a nontraditional approach.
Jul 14 2015

In Mexico, Crime Is Bigger Than a Crime Boss

While his escape shows he is a powerful figure, El Chapo cannot escape the evolving criminal dynamic reality he was already subject to before his 2014 arrest.
Jun 27 2015

Mexico: A Cartel's Rise and Inevitable Fall

Though the days of the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion are numbered, its continuing expansion across the country will have lasting effects.
Apr 16 2015

Mexico's Drug War Update: Tamaulipas-Based Groups Struggle

Tamaulipas-based crime group setbacks in the first quarter create outsider opportunities.
Jan 22 2015

In Mexico, the Delineation of Cartel Power Becomes More Complex

The map of cartel control in Mexico has been redrawn.
Jan 15 2015

Mexico's Drug War: A New Way to Think About Mexican Organized Crime

In 2015, it no longer suffices to monitor Mexican organized crime by focusing on individual crime groups.
Oct 28 2014

Normalista Unrest Highlights Mexico's Geographic Challenge

Demonstrations sparked by the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero state put the challenges of controlling Mexico's southwestern periphery in sharp relief.

Violence related to Mexican drug cartels — more accurately termed "criminal cartels," given their expanded role in various criminal enterprises — has reached record levels in Mexico. Despite increased security operations ordered by former Mexican President Felipe Calderon in December 2006, the cartels continue to operate throughout the country.

Key Analysis

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