Terrorist Attack Cycle Timeline

Sep 24 2015

Militancy: A Threat With Many Faces

One must assess a group's ability to use different types of violence to understand the threat it poses.
Sep 10 2015

Countering a Shapeless Terrorist Threat

Leaderless resistance has made terrorists harder to track, but they remain vulnerable at key moments.
Aug 20 2015

Grassroots Cells: Even More Dangerous Than Lone Wolves

Terror cells are a vital and dangerous part of the leaderless resistance model that must not be overlooked.
Jul 02 2015

Protective Intelligence Lessons From the Barakat Assassination

There is a sophisticated terrorist actor in Cairo capable of planning and executing complex terrorist attacks against hard targets
Jun 26 2015

France: Analyzing The French Chemical Factory Attack

An attack on a low-risk chemical plant in northeastern France raises questions about the motivation and intent of the instigator.
Jun 26 2015

France: Possible Terrorist Attacks Targets Factory

Two men in a stolen car attacked a factory in southeastern France June 26, La Dauphine reported.
May 14 2015

Don't Take Terrorism Threats at Face Value

Individuals and groups with the capability to commit hostile acts generally will.
May 01 2015

Syria: Rebels Advance Into Alawite Heartland

Islamist rebels continued to fight with the Syrian army in Latakia province, Reuters reported May 1.
Apr 30 2015

Foiled Frankfurt Attack Highlights Continuing Grassroots Challenge

The suspects made themselves vulnerable to detection at two points in the terrorist attack cycle.
Apr 19 2015

Domestic Terrorism Threat Lingers 20 Years After Oklahoma City

The danger of terrorism from within remains a persistent, albeit low-level, threat in the United States and elsewhere.
Apr 02 2015

Recent Arrests Confirm Jihadist Trends

A thwarted attack shows how the mindset of grassroots jihadists has changed.

In most terrorist attacks violence seems spontaneous, but it is usually the result of meticulous planning and coordination. Preventing an attack must be accomplished early in the "attack cycle," long before the violence occurs.

Key Analysis

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