Terrorist Attack Cycle Timeline

Apr 21 2016

Does Heightened Security Really Matter After Terrorists Strike?

A study showing that attacks have not clustered in the West has led some observers to reach a dangerous conclusion.
Apr 05 2016

In Saudi Arabia, Sunni Militancy Claims Another Victim

Riyadh has fought to protect its internal security against Shiite militants, but are they the real problem now?
Mar 31 2016

Awareness Can Short-Circuit a Bomb Attack

Bombmakers often leave telltale signs of their activities that alert citizens can pick up on.
Mar 17 2016

Blunting the Impact of a Knife Attack

Facing an assault with an edged weapon may be terrifying, but it doesn't have to be deadly.
Mar 13 2016

Ivory Coast: The Latest Target for West African Terrorists

The armed assault on a beach resort in Grand-Bassam on March 13 is another example of the terrorist preference for attacking soft targets such as hotels.
Feb 25 2016

Staying Safe as Hotels Remain in the Crosshairs

International hotels remain tempting soft targets for terrorists.
Jan 29 2016

Nigeria: Fatal Bombing At Adamawa Market

A suicide bomber attacked a market in Gombi, a town in the northeastern Nigerian state of Adamawa, on Jan. 29, killing at least eight and injuring 25, the Premium Times reported.
Dec 24 2015

How Protective Intelligence Can Prevent Armed Assaults

Spotting and reporting suspicious behavior is a major factor in thwarting terrorist attacks.
Nov 26 2015

An Online University of Terrorism

Online video conferencing could bridge the gap in terrorist tradecraft.
Nov 16 2015

How To Protect Yourself: A Chronology

In light of the recent Paris attacks, we have compiled guidance on how to react in dangerous situations.

In most terrorist attacks violence seems spontaneous, but it is usually the result of meticulous planning and coordination. Preventing an attack must be accomplished early in the "attack cycle," long before the violence occurs.

Key Analysis

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