Kidnappings and Hostage Situations Timeline

May 21 2016

On Hostages, Countries Face an Impossible Choice

If Canada stands by its no-ransom policy, another of its citizens could soon face execution.
May 20 2016

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Releases Captive

Kidnappers belonging to Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic separatist group in the southern Philippines, have released the grandson of a Chinese-Filipino businessman after holding him and his grandfather captive for nearly two months, Zamboanga Today reported May 20.
Mar 10 2016

To Stop a Virtual Kidnapping, Keep Your Head

Fear and panic are your enemies when an abduction scammer is on the telephone.
Feb 16 2016

Iraq: Three Abducted Americans Returned To Baghdad Embassy

A month after the abduction of three U.S. citizens from Baghdad's Dora neighborhood, Iraqi intelligence authorities have located and brought them to the U.S. embassy, Al-Itijah TV reported Feb. 16.
Jan 26 2016

U.S.: Active Shooter At Naval Medical Center San Diego

An active shooter has been reported at the Naval Medical Center San Diego according to a message posted on the center's official Facebook page, CNN reported Jan. 26.
Jan 21 2016

Lessons in Protective Intelligence

An examination of the perpetrators and attacks in Istanbul, Jakarta and Ouagadougou highlights how they fit into Stratfor's analytical narratives relating to jihadist terrorism.
Jan 15 2016

Burkina Faso: Shots, Explosions Heard At Major Hotel

At least three armed men stormed a hotel frequented by Westerners and U.N. staff and took hostages Jan. 15 in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, AFP reported.
Dec 24 2015

U.S.: Victims Of Terrorism To Be Compensated

According to a U.S. spending bill, a $1 billion fund is being set up for victims of terrorism with an additional $2.8 billion set aside for 9/11 victims, BBC reported Dec. 24.
Dec 02 2015

Cameroon: 900 Hostages Freed In Military Operation

According to Cameroon's Defense Ministry, more than 100 members of the Nigerian militant group Wilayat al-Sudan al-Gharbi, formerly known as Boko Haram, were killed in an operation launched in November by the country's army and a regional task force to free around 900 hostages held by the group, Reuters reported Dec. 2.
Nov 30 2015

Lebanon: Servicemen Held By Militants Could Be Freed Tonight

Almost 20 Lebanese soldiers and policemen held by Jabhat al-Nusra militants since August 2014 could be released tonight, The Daily Star reported Nov. 30.
Nov 13 2015

France: Government Declares State Of Emergency

French President Francois Hollande has ordered the French borders closed and Paris under lockdown following multiple small-arms and explosive-device attacks across the city.
Nov 05 2015

Somalia: Security Forces Rescue Iranian Hostages

Four Iranian fishermen held hostage by pirates were rescued by security forces in Somalia, News 24 reported Nov. 5.

Since the “Stockholm syndrome” hit the media in the early 1970s, following a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, kidnappings and hostage situations have become virtually an academic field of study. Situations vary, depending upon the captors and their goals. To avoid (or survive) such ordeals, it helps to know what they look like and how they might unfold.

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