Arab Spring Timeline

Aug 26 2014

Islamic State Compels the Saudis and Iranians to Finally Talk

Riyadh and Tehran are trying to manage the intensification of their rivalry.
Jul 08 2014

In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Sends the U.S. a Message

Washington's efforts to recreate a balance of power in the Persian Gulf are running into problems.
Jul 07 2014

Syria: Opposition Party To Elect New Leaders

The Syrian National Coalition, Syria's most prominent opposition party, will seek to elect new leaders July 7, including a new president, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.
Jul 02 2014

Who Was Saddam Hussein?

Rewriting history to serve the needs of the present sets a dangerous precedent.
Jun 04 2014

The Negotiations Surrounding Syria's Election

Despite his re-election, Bashar al Assad's Syria will remain a broken country for a long time to come.
May 21 2014

In Syria, Militants Revive Kidnapping for Ransom

Iraqi militants fighting in Syria have begun using an old tactic in a new theater.
May 21 2014

Algeria and Egypt Weigh Their Options in Libya

The two countries are looking to support lasting stability in Libya, not a temporary victory for its newest warlord.
May 19 2014

In Libya, a Retired General Makes a Move

Statecraft in Libya is not easy, and stability will elude Tripoli for some time to come.
May 19 2014

Egypt's Future Hinges on the Al-Sisi Presidency

The upcoming presidency of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi must succeed if the Egyptian military is to stabilize the country and retain its privileged position.
May 14 2014

In Syria, Stalemate Remains Despite Regime Victories

Beyond the usual ebbs and flows, the critical support structures for both the rebels and the regime remain unscathed.
May 13 2014

Saudi Arabia Extends an Invitation to Iran

The Saudi foreign minister's offer to meet with his Iranian counterpart could mean Riyadh is ready to engage with Iran on a strategic level.
May 01 2014

A New Egyptian Jihadist Group Makes Its Presence Felt

Ajnad Misr could become a much larger threat to Egyptian stability if it begins targeting civilians.

Although popular uprisings and widespread calls for change continue throughout the region, the Arab Spring has not led to regime change. Even in the exceptional case of Libya, where the regime collapsed, a new order remains elusive. The mass unrest that broke out in 2011 has destabilized the region and plunged it into a lengthy period of uncertainty.

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