Arab Spring Timeline

Jan 25 2017

Bahrain Defends Its Tenuous Position in the Gulf

Unlike its peers in the GCC, Bahrain faces an existential threat from its Shiite community.
Jun 16 2016

Iran: The Threat Within

Attacks in Iran tend to go underreported, but still, the country saw its fair share of militant activity this week.
May 05 2016

Death and Destruction: Bin Laden's True Legacy

A long and bloody struggle is all that remains of the Islamic utopia the former al Qaeda leader once dreamed of.
Apr 08 2016

Politics: The New Battlefront in Yemen's Civil War

As peace negotiations approach, the country's factions maneuver to stake a claim in the country's future.
Jan 26 2016

What Has and Has Not Changed Since the Arab Spring

Five years ago, protests looked like they would fundamentally redefine the region's politics.
Aug 04 2015

The Geopolitics of the Syrian Civil War

The conflict, as well as the failures to end it, show how profoundly divided Syria is and has always been.
Apr 07 2015

Kuwait: Fund Announces $1.5 Billion Loan To Egypt

Director General Abdulwahab al-Bader announced April 7 that the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development plans to loan Egypt $1.5 billion dollars over the next five years, Reuters reported.
Jan 20 2015

Yemen Returns to Its Natural, Divided State

A kidnapping by the al-Houthi rebel movement highlights the erosion of Yemen's old political order.
Nov 18 2014

The UAE and Saudi War on the Muslim Brotherhood Could Be Trouble for the U.S.

The Emiratis and Saudis are using mainstream American Muslim groups as levers in their fight against the Muslim Brotherhood.
Oct 30 2014

How Democratization Can Help Fight Radical Islam

The electoral defeat of Islamists in Tunisia by a party dominated by members of the country's former dictatorial regime portends a further regional tilt toward authoritarianism.
Oct 27 2014

Saudi Arabia Puts a Diplomatic Initiative With Iran on Hold

The Saudis miscalculated when they started to openly engage with the Rouhani government.

Although popular uprisings and widespread calls for change continue throughout the region, the Arab Spring has not led to regime change. Even in the exceptional case of Libya, where the regime collapsed, a new order remains elusive. The mass unrest that broke out in 2011 has destabilized the region and plunged it into a lengthy period of uncertainty.

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