Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Timeline

May 23 2016

A New Jihadist Generation Threatens Saudi Arabia

Islamic State fighters returning from Iraq and Syria give the Saudis ample cause to worry.
May 20 2016

The Next Phase of the Jihadist Threat in Saudi Arabia

Islamic State fighters returning from Iraq and Syria are just one of the Saudis' worries.
Apr 24 2016

Yemen: Coalition Forces Capture Mukalla From Al Qaeda

Yemeni and Emirati soldiers seized Yemen's seaport of Mukalla from al Qaeda fighters on April 24, officials said, Reuters reported.
Apr 24 2016

Yemen: Airstrikes Hit Al Qaeda Militants In Mukalla

Warplanes pounded the al Qaeda-held port city of Mukalla, Yemen, on April 24 and killed 30 militants, residents said, Reuters reported.
Apr 23 2016

A Long Road Ahead for Yemeni Peace Talks

Even if a deal is struck, a rising jihadist presence will continue to threaten the country's stability.
Apr 21 2016

Does Heightened Security Really Matter After Terrorists Strike?

A study showing that attacks have not clustered in the West has led some observers to reach a dangerous conclusion.
Apr 03 2016

Yemen: Aircraft Strike Al Qaeda Camp Near Mukalla

Warplanes attacked an al Qaeda camp in southern Yemen on April 3, killing and wounding a number of militants, a local official said, Reuters reported.
Mar 31 2016

Awareness Can Short-Circuit a Bomb Attack

Bombmakers often leave telltale signs of their activities that alert citizens can pick up on.
Mar 14 2016

The Islamic State Will Linger in Yemen

The group will continue to pose a persistent, low-level terrorist threat in the country.
Mar 11 2016

Jihadism in Yemen: A Long History, a Long Future

From among Yemen's fractious jihadist movement, two groups vie for prominence.
Feb 02 2016

Somalia Shows the State of Air Travel in an Age of Terrorism

The Feb. 2 explosion serves as a reminder that aircraft make tempting targets for potential attacks.
Jan 27 2016

Egypt: Militant Leader Killed In Sinai

Egyptian army forces shot and killed Attallah Abu Reteima, a top militant group leader in Sinai, Egypt Independent reported Jan. 27.

With the Yemeni government struggling to maintain power in 2011, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was able to expand and seize portions of southern Yemen. The group is the most active jihadist franchise and has been the most successful in attempted attacks against the U.S. homeland. AQAP's growing ability to use ambushes, roadside improvised explosive devices and sticky bombs as well as its connections to the al Qaeda core indicate the group will likely continue to be a domestic and transnational threat.

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