Turkey's Re-emergence Timeline

Dec 08 2016

Turkey Maneuvers to Escape Its Dollar Trap

Among Erdogan's ideas to bolster the lira include a concept that, if it works, could lead to a new global reserve.
Nov 10 2016

The Rhetoric and Reality of Donald Trump's Foreign Policy

A Trump administration will profoundly affect some of the major hot spots in the world.
Nov 08 2016

Between the Occasional Calms of Democracy

Maintaining a democracy is hard work and will be essential to the United States' ability to weather foreign policy storms ahead.
Nov 02 2016

Turkey's Economic Dilemma

With capital fleeing, Turkey faces a choice between increased inflation and more unemployment.
Sep 19 2016

What Matters at the U.N. General Assembly

Some meetings are more important than others.
Sep 17 2016

Turkey: Police Detain Several Islamic State Suspects In Istanbul

Turkish police have detained several Islamic State suspects, including a Syrian man believed to be organizing an attack in Istanbul, AFP reported Sept. 17.
Aug 10 2016

U.S.: Turkish Military Officer Requests Asylum

A Turkish military officer has requested asylum in the United States after being recalled from his NATO post in the country, U.S. officials said, Reuters reported Aug. 10.
Aug 07 2016

Turkey: Istanbul Holds Huge Rally Supporting President

More than a million Turks gathered in Istanbul on Aug. 7 for a rally called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to denounce a failed coup, Reuters reported.
Jul 15 2016

Turkish Politics Return to 'Meromictic' Form

The process flows in odd ways and multiple directions, not unlike the waters of the Bosporus.
Jun 28 2016

The Power of Apology

Now that Turkey has said it is sorry for downing a Russian aircraft, Ankara and Moscow can negotiate a variety of issues they once could not.

Turkey has strengthened its military and economy and has achieved a degree of political coherence it has not known in decades. For the first time since the end of World War I, Ankara is beginning to revisit its historical role as a regional powerhouse.

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