Turkey's Re-emergence Timeline

Jul 15 2016

Turkish Politics Return to 'Meromictic' Form

The process flows in odd ways and multiple directions, not unlike the waters of the Bosporus.
Jun 28 2016

The Power of Apology

Now that Turkey has said it is sorry for downing a Russian aircraft, Ankara and Moscow can negotiate a variety of issues they once could not.
Mar 15 2016

A Common Enemy Links Ukraine and Turkey

Ukraine and Turkey are consolidating political, economic and military forces against a common rival: Russia.
Mar 04 2016

In the Middle East, a Long Dormant Alliance Re-Emerges

Turkey and Israel may be on the verge of reviving diplomatic ties.
Feb 17 2016

Turkey's Answer to the Kurdish Question May Ruffle Relationships

The primary goal of Turkey's and Iraqi Kurdistan's presidents is to use popular votes to consolidate their own power bases at a time when both are struggling to contain dissent regarding Kurdish independence.
Feb 16 2016

Ruthless and Sober in Syria

Russia is acting much more pragmatically than the United States would have you believe.
Jan 19 2016

How the U.S. Can Get Russia and Turkey to Talk

Potential NATO buildups in the Russian periphery are sure to get Moscow's attention.
Jan 01 2016

Central Asia: A Different Kind of Threat

New powers will rise to take the place of Russia and the West.
Dec 08 2015

Turkey's Time Has Come

The stage is set for Ankara to become the regional power it has always aspired to be.
Dec 07 2015

Cyprus Makes Progress on Reunification Talks

Although Greek and Turkish Cypriots are closer to an agreement than they have been in a long time, numerous complex issues remain.
Nov 10 2015

Syria: Turkey Open To Deploying Ground Troops, Foreign Minister Says

Turkey would be open to deploying ground forces in the fight against the Islamic State, so long as it was a coalition-wide move and part of an integrated strategy, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Nov. 10 in an interview with CNN.

Turkey has strengthened its military and economy and has achieved a degree of political coherence it has not known in decades. For the first time since the end of World War I, Ankara is beginning to revisit its historical role as a regional powerhouse.

Key Analysis

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