Russian Resurgence Timeline

Mar 24 2015

Turkmenistan Faces Unprecedented Challenges in 2015

The risk of instability does not seriously threaten the government's survival, but it will force Ashgabat to act more cautiously in its foreign policy.
Mar 17 2015

Can Putin Survive?

Politicians who miscalculate and mismanage events tend to lose their jobs.
Mar 11 2015

Russia Weighs the Cost

Before deciding how — and whether — to take overt action in Ukraine, Russia must consider which option would meet Moscow's geopolitical imperatives.
Mar 10 2015

What the West Could Do

Air superiority would be crucial to any Western response if Russia should invade Ukraine.
Mar 09 2015

Gaming a Russian Offensive

If Russia decided to invade Ukraine, it would have several options, none of which are perfect.
Mar 06 2015

The U.S. and Russia: Exercises and Venom

Armies exercise all the time, but context is everything.
Mar 02 2015

Estonia: Ruling Party Prevails In Elections

Estonia's ruling Reform Party emerged as the overall winner in the general election March 1, pulling ahead of the Centre Party that had been leading in polls, Euractiv reported March 2.
Feb 16 2015

Russia: Government Vows To Respond To EU Sanctions

Moscow said Feb. 16 that it would respond to EU sanctions, which it calls inconsistent and illogical, against several prominent figures in the country, EU Business reported.
Feb 10 2015

Ukraine's Dependence on the West Grows

The country's mounting economic and political challenges will weaken its bargaining position in talks with Russia and the West.
Feb 07 2015

U.S.: Considering Lethal Aid to Ukraine

U.S. attempts to pressure Russia to end hostilities in eastern Ukraine risk provoking an escalation.
Dec 31 2014

The Tumultuous Birth of the Eurasian Economic Union

The bloc will come into effect amid regional economic difficulties stemming from Russia's current decline.
Dec 23 2014

Russia's Economic Concerns Could Have a Calming Effect in Ukraine

Europe and Russia are both operating under economic constraints that could force both sides toward an understanding on the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Despite ongoing demographic, economic and geopolitical problems, Russia is using every tool at its disposal to reassert itself in the former
Soviet Union. Rather than taking back its former position as the patron state of many Central Asian, Caucasus and Eastern European countries, the Kremlin is attempting to exert softer control over its former republics.

Key Analysis

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