The Russian Resurgence Timeline

Jul 15 2016

The U.S. and Russia Have Unfinished Business

Tactical deals may emerge, but neither side appears ready to compromise on larger strategic differences.
Jul 12 2016

U.S. Nuclear Overtures Would Likely Fall on Deaf Ears

Russia, backed into a strategic corner, will continue to rely on its nuclear deterrent despite Obama's legacy-building attempts.
Jun 30 2016

Putin Faces a Tough Choice Over an Anti-Terrorism Bill

Even the president's loyalists are pushing back on the legislation, an unheard of development.
Jun 29 2016

The Problem With Russia's Best and Brightest

The country's most highly educated workers are emigrating in droves, draining Russia of much-needed technical expertise.
Jun 28 2016

The Power of Apology

Now that Turkey has said it is sorry for downing a Russian aircraft, Ankara and Moscow can negotiate a variety of issues they once could not.
May 25 2016

The U.S. and Russia Plan for Conflict

Washington and Moscow are hoping to settle their differences peacefully, but that will not stop them from building up their military capabilities anyway.
Mar 15 2016

A Common Enemy Links Ukraine and Turkey

Ukraine and Turkey are consolidating political, economic and military forces against a common rival: Russia.
Mar 11 2016

Russia Reminds the World of Its Nuclear Capability

To compete with the United States, Russia needs to modernize and refine its arsenal.

Despite ongoing demographic, economic and geopolitical problems, Russia is using every tool at its disposal to reassert itself in the former
Soviet Union. Rather than taking back its former position as the patron state of many Central Asian, Caucasus and Eastern European countries, the Kremlin is attempting to exert softer control over its former republics.

Key Analysis

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