Russian Resurgence Timeline

May 19 2015

Russia: NATO Urges Moscow To Stop Snap Exercises

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Brussels on May 19 to end Russian support for eastern Ukrainian militants and to stop carrying out military exercises on short notice, Deutsche Welle reported.
May 10 2015

Ukrainian Crisis Hardens National Identity

In the past year, Ukraine has undergone momentous changes and hardships — a trip from the western city of Lviv to Kiev highlights a more subtle change in national consciousness.
May 07 2015

A New Threat Prompts New NATO Ties

Increased Russian aggressions have Sweden and other non-aligned states pursuing closer ties with NATO.
Apr 27 2015

Russia's Scare Tactics in Ukraine

The Kremlin is amassing troops along the Ukrainian border to strengthen its position at the negotiating table.
Apr 27 2015

Germany and the Russia-West Standoff

The conflict in Ukraine has forced Berlin to become more involved in the former Soviet periphery, but Germany's actions will remain constrained.
Apr 24 2015

EU Antitrust Charges Open New Front Against Gazprom

The Russian energy giant's influence is weakening in Europe and at home.
Apr 13 2015

Stratfor's Second-Quarter Forecast 2015

As economic crises persist in the second quarter, the United States will expand its foreign policy options in managing the Middle East and Russia.
Apr 07 2015

Russia Nervously Eyes the U.S.-Iran Deal

The diminishing animosity between Washington and Tehran will weaken Russia's influence over energy supplies in Europe and Moscow's political clout in the Middle East.
Mar 24 2015

Turkmenistan Faces Unprecedented Challenges in 2015

The risk of instability does not seriously threaten the government's survival, but it will force Ashgabat to act more cautiously in its foreign policy.
Mar 17 2015

Can Putin Survive?

Politicians who miscalculate and mismanage events tend to lose their jobs.
Mar 11 2015

Russia Weighs the Cost

Before deciding how — and whether — to take overt action in Ukraine, Russia must consider which option would meet Moscow's geopolitical imperatives.

Despite ongoing demographic, economic and geopolitical problems, Russia is using every tool at its disposal to reassert itself in the former
Soviet Union. Rather than taking back its former position as the patron state of many Central Asian, Caucasus and Eastern European countries, the Kremlin is attempting to exert softer control over its former republics.

Key Analysis

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