The Russian Resurgence Timeline

Feb 28 2017

In Europe's Borderlands, the Winds of Change Blow in Every Direction

Changes in the geopolitical positions of the West and Russia have sent rumblings throughout the borderlands.
Feb 27 2017

Farewell to an Arms Treaty

If either the United States or Russia abandons their agreement on intermediate-range nuclear weapons, they could revive the kind of arm race that typified the Cold War.
Feb 07 2017

Georgia Re-Assesses Its Position

As political changes rock the West, Tbilisi's best bet is to keep its options open.
Feb 01 2017

In Ukraine, Fears of a U.S. Pivot to Russia

The prospect of warming ties between Washington and Moscow puts Kiev in a precarious position.
Jan 23 2017

Washington's Cold War Containment Strategy Is Still Alive and Well

Trump's influence can go only so far in steering the ship of state Moscow's way.
Jan 20 2017

Weaving the Threads of a Possible Trump Doctrine

At the end of one foreign policy path, the United States could enlist Russia as a counterweight to China.
Dec 30 2016

An Arms Race Russia Will Not Run

Mindful of its Cold War missteps, the Kremlin deflects the suggestion of a nuclear weapons competition.
Dec 25 2016

From Red to Silver: The 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Soviet Union

A quarter-century later, a stable world order is as elusive as ever.
Dec 14 2016

The West's Divides Give Russia Hope

As political change sweeps through the United States and Europe, their united front against Russia could weaken.

Despite ongoing demographic, economic and geopolitical problems, Russia is using every tool at its disposal to reassert itself in the former
Soviet Union. Rather than taking back its former position as the patron state of many Central Asian, Caucasus and Eastern European countries, the Kremlin is attempting to exert softer control over its former republics.

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