Iranian Nuclear Game Timeline

Feb 19 2017

U.S.: Senators Considering More Sanctions On Iran For Missile Tests

U.S. Republican Senators plan to introduce legislation to impose further sanctions on Iran, accusing it of violating U.N. Security Council resolutions by testing ballistic missiles, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said Feb. 19 during the Munich Security Conference, Reuters reported.
Jan 30 2017

Iran: Ballistic Missile Tested, U.S. Officials Say

Iran has allegedly tested a ballistic missile, according to U.S. officials, Fox News reported.
Jan 10 2017

Austria: Iran Joint Commission Meets In Vienna

The commission that oversees Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers is meeting in Vienna on Jan. 10, AFP reported.
Jan 09 2017

Iran, Russia: Tehran Prepares To Receive Large Shipment Of Natural Uranium

Iran is preparing to receive a reported 116 metric tons of natural uranium from Russia as compensation for exports of heavy water, anonymous diplomats with knowledge of the upcoming shipment said, AP reported Jan. 9.
Nov 17 2016

Growth: Iran's Interest in Keeping the Nuclear Deal

In light of Iranian gains, its leaders across the political spectrum are united in their commitment to protect their economy by avoiding new sanctions.
Nov 16 2016

Deviating From the Plan in Iran

Iran is not the only country that would suffer under a new U.S. sanctions regime.
Nov 10 2016

The Rhetoric and Reality of Donald Trump's Foreign Policy

A Trump administration will profoundly affect some of the major hot spots in the world.
Nov 09 2016

Iran: Trump Win Cannot Reverse Nuclear Deal, Rouhani Says

Donald Trump’s win in the Nov. 8 presidential election cannot reverse the deal Tehran reached last year with Washington and other Western powers over the Iranian nuclear program, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Nov. 9, IRNA reported.
Nov 09 2016

Foreign Policy From the Fertile Plains

This election is thus the ultimate test, not only of democracy, but of geopolitical theory.
Sep 28 2016

Ahmadinejad Lives To Fight Another Day

In signaling his submission to the clerical order, the pugnacious former president will retain a measure of political influence in Iran.

Headlines about Iran’s nuclear program focus mostly on the offensive threat to Israel, but Tehran’s long-term goal is actually to develop a
defensive nuclear program. Despite attracting economic sanctions and a U.S. military buildup in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s nuclear weapons program has fostered ongoing talks with the West and has proved useful in competitions with regional rivals.

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