Iranian Nuclear Game Timeline

Apr 18 2015

Australia: Foreign Minister Visits Iran

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited Iran and met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on April 18, Bishop said, IRNA news agency reported.
Apr 15 2015

For a U.S.-Iran Deal, Obstacles Are Surmountable

Political maneuvering in the United States and Israel will make it difficult for the U.S. Congress and Russia to spoil an eventual Iranian nuclear deal.
Apr 13 2015

Stratfor's Second-Quarter Forecast 2015

As economic crises persist in the second quarter, the United States will expand its foreign policy options in managing the Middle East and Russia.
Apr 07 2015

Russia Nervously Eyes the U.S.-Iran Deal

The diminishing animosity between Washington and Tehran will weaken Russia's influence over energy supplies in Europe and Moscow's political clout in the Middle East.
Apr 02 2015

Kicking Over the Table in the Middle East

The new understanding over Iran's nuclear program affects the dynamic among major players in the Middle East.
Apr 02 2015

Iran: Deal With U.S. Before July Deadline Still Possible

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran hoped to reach a deal with the United States before the July 1 deadline, Islamic Republic News Agency reported April 2.
Apr 01 2015

In the Iran Talks, Does a Missed Deadline Matter?

Iran considered the March 31 deadline for talks with the United States as more of a bargaining tool than a turning point in negotiations.
Mar 28 2015

Iran: Leaders Close To Reaching A Nuclear Deal, Officials Say

Iran and six world powers are close to agreeing to a two- or three-page nuclear deal with specific numbers, a senior Iranian official said, Reuters reported March 28.
Mar 21 2015

Iran: Tehran Mistrusts U.S. Efforts In Nuclear Talks, Supreme Leader Says

Tehran voiced mistrust of U.S. efforts to reach a nuclear deal, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said March 21, Reuters reported.
Mar 16 2015

Israeli Elections and the Foreign Policy Conundrum

Regardless of which party comes out on top, Israel's foreign policy will be grounded in the same constraints that have defined Netanyahu's nine years in office.
Mar 16 2015

Iran: Nuclear Deal Within Reach, Parliament Speaker Says

A final nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers is within reach should the other side avoid excessive demands, Iran's parliament speaker said at a press conference in Tehran on March 16, Tasnim news agency reported.

Headlines about Iran’s nuclear program focus mostly on the offensive threat to Israel, but Tehran’s long-term goal is actually to develop a
defensive nuclear program. Despite attracting economic sanctions and a U.S. military buildup in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s nuclear weapons program has fostered ongoing talks with the West and has proved useful in competitions with regional rivals.

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