Iranian Nuclear Game Timeline

Mar 21 2015

Iran: Tehran Mistrusts U.S. Efforts In Nuclear Talks, Supreme Leader Says

Tehran voiced mistrust of U.S. efforts to reach a nuclear deal, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said March 21, Reuters reported.
Mar 16 2015

Israeli Elections and the Foreign Policy Conundrum

Regardless of which party comes out on top, Israel's foreign policy will be grounded in the same constraints that have defined Netanyahu's nine years in office.
Mar 16 2015

Iran: Nuclear Deal Within Reach, Parliament Speaker Says

A final nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers is within reach should the other side avoid excessive demands, Iran's parliament speaker said at a press conference in Tehran on March 16, Tasnim news agency reported.
Mar 08 2015

Iran: U.S. Names Companies That Violated Sanctions

The United States' Government Accountability Office named five companies that have engaged in commercial activity with Iran's energy sector in violation of the U.S.'s sanctions on the country, Trend News Agency reported March 8.
Mar 04 2015

The Battle for Tikrit and Netanyahu's Advice

The fight against the Islamic State makes pressuring Iran a complicated matter for the United States.
Mar 03 2015

Netanyahu, Obama and the Geopolitics of Speeches

Israel is trying to resist being drawn into a regional power constellation in which the United States treats it as one power among many.
Feb 24 2015

The Intersection of Three Crises

The Greek debt crisis, a U.S.-Russian standoff over Ukraine and the U.S.-Iranian negotiations are all connected.
Feb 21 2015

U.S., Iran: Top Nuclear Officials Join Geneva Talks

Iran and U.S. top nuclear officials joined talks in Geneva on Feb. 21, officials said, AP reported.
Feb 07 2015

Iran: Failure In Nuclear Talks Would Damage Rouhani's Political Clout, Officials Say

The United States' failure to agree to a nuclear deal would likely lead to the political demise of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Iranian officials said Feb. 7, Reuters reported.
Feb 04 2015

Washington Turns Mistrust Into a Virtue in Negotiations

In talks with Iran and dealings with Russia, the United States' strength and unpredictability draws other powers to the negotiating table.
Jan 23 2015

Renegades Prolong U.S.-Iran Rapprochement

Forces opposed to a rapprochement between Washington and Tehran might not derail talks but will try to slow them down.
Jan 18 2015

Iran: Nuclear Talks Resume In Geneva

Iran met with China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany on Jan. 18 to negotiate the status of its nuclear program, Xinhua reported.

Headlines about Iran’s nuclear program focus mostly on the offensive threat to Israel, but Tehran’s long-term goal is actually to develop a
defensive nuclear program. Despite attracting economic sanctions and a U.S. military buildup in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s nuclear weapons program has fostered ongoing talks with the West and has proved useful in competitions with regional rivals.

Key Analysis

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