Geopolitical Monographs and Country Profiles Timeline

Dec 31 2016

The Geopolitics of the Gregorian Calendar

The history of calendrical reform has been shaped by the egos of emperors, disputes among churches, the insights of astronomers and mathematicians, and immutable geopolitical realities.
Dec 24 2016

The Geopolitics of Christmas

Throughout history, people have been attracted to aspects of cultures that wield hard power.
Jul 04 2016

The Geopolitics of the United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire

Americans are important because of where, not who, they are.
Feb 01 2016

In Somalia, Stability Is a Distant Promise

Progress toward a legitimate and capable government is irrelevant if Somalia's security situation cannot be contained.
Jan 15 2016

France's State of Fear and Swing to the Right

The president's proposed constitutional changes reflect the broader shift to the right underway in French politics.
Nov 29 2015

The Netherlands: Europe's Middleman

The Dutch will promote only certain aspects of European integration.
Jun 29 2014

In Poland, the Truth Lives in Warsaw

A journey through the capital reveals much about the country's character and its many transitions.
Mar 20 2013

In Mali, the Geographic Roots of Conflict

The effects of history and geography are visible in the country's current struggles.
Aug 27 2012

Demographic Trends in South America

Numerous factors contribute to falling birthrates in South America.
Jul 30 2012

Geopolitics of the European Borderlands: The Western Balkans

The Western Balkans will be shaped more by external forces than by its internal dynamics.
Jul 16 2012

Oman's Population Centers

Oman's geography makes it difficult to rule.

While not necessarily a "Stratfor Timeline," a country's geography, history and people are the foundation for modern political decision-making. This series of monographs explains the key drivers and constraints on the economic, political and military affairs of strategic countries.

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