Russian Energy and Foreign Policy Timeline

Mar 24 2015

Turkmenistan Faces Unprecedented Challenges in 2015

The risk of instability does not seriously threaten the government's survival, but it will force Ashgabat to act more cautiously in its foreign policy.
Mar 10 2015

Turkey Is Central to the Russia-Europe Energy Standoff

The Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline will help the European Union diversify away from Russia.
Mar 04 2015

Russia's Ambition in Central Europe Exceeds Its Capability

Moscow wants to expand its influence, but it will be limited by its financial reality.
Mar 02 2015

The EU Moves to Decrease Its Reliance on Russia

Moscow frequently uses energy to influence EU member nations, but a new proposal aims to end the trend.
Feb 27 2015

The European Commission Unveils Its Energy Union Plan

National interests will dilute the EU proposals, but the plan will reduce Russia's influence in European energy markets.
Feb 26 2015

Ukraine: Energy Meeting Confirmed With Russia And EU

The energy ministers of Ukraine and Russia will meet with EU energy chief Maros Sefcovic in Brussels on March 2 to discuss Russian natural gas supplies to Ukraine, according to a message posted by European Commission spokeswoman Anna-Kaisa Itkonen on Twitter Feb. 26, Reuters reported.
Feb 19 2015

Hungary Chooses Sides to Meet Its Needs

Budapest's balancing act between Russia and the West is losing its subtlety.
Feb 18 2015

Ukraine's Economy Needs Russia

And both Kiev and Moscow are aware of the possibilities and risks of dependency.
Feb 10 2015

Ukraine's Dependence on the West Grows

The country's mounting economic and political challenges will weaken its bargaining position in talks with Russia and the West.
Feb 09 2015

Germany: Walking a Delicate Line Between the United States and Russia

In light of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, Stratfor has compiled recent analyses to give context to the ongoing talks over the crisis in Ukraine.
Feb 06 2015

Hungary Continues Courting Russia and Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is attempting to warm up to the West even as he continues forging new bonds with Moscow.
Jan 16 2015

Russia's Plans for Arctic Supremacy

Moscow's plans to strengthen its military presence in the Arctic Circle make neighboring countries nervous.

Since 2003, the Kremlin has aggressively reconsolidated state control over its energy sector and demonstrated an increased willingness to use energy as a tool to influence countries that depend on its resources. Many of those countries have attempted to diversify from Russian energy dependence, but Moscow continues to hold considerable influence.

Key Analysis

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