Russian Energy and Foreign Policy Timeline

Mar 03 2017

In the Caucasus, Moscow Manages a Simmering Dispute

Russia could allow the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh to escalate if it would serve its purposes.
Feb 28 2017

In Europe's Borderlands, the Winds of Change Blow in Every Direction

Changes in the geopolitical positions of the West and Russia have sent rumblings throughout the borderlands.
Feb 27 2017

Russia: Deal For Rosneft To Sell Assets To Chechen Government Appears Forthcoming

A deal for Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft to sell substantial assets in Chechnya to the Chechen government appears to be imminent, Kommersant reported Feb. 27.
Dec 13 2016

Iran, Russia: Preliminary Energy Deal Signed Between Gazprom And Tehran

An agreement to development two major oil fields in Iran was signed by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak in Tehran Dec. 13, AFP reported, citing the Shana news agency.
Dec 09 2016

Picking Up Where the West Leaves Off

Eastern European and Eurasian states will have to fend for themselves.
Nov 17 2016

For Russia, Some Conflicts Are Colder Than Ever

To advance its regional goals, Moscow needs to maintain the breakaway territories sustained by frozen conflict.
Oct 19 2016

Japan and Russia's Century-Old Territorial Dispute

Relations between Russia and Japan generally run cold, but they may begin to thaw on the Kuril Islands.
Oct 04 2016

In Russia, a Bow to the Powerful Energy Sector

A dispute between two of Russia's most prominent leaders may be resolved but the conflict is far from over.
Sep 04 2016

Putin's Iron Grip, Forged in the Fires of Terrorism

Extremist attacks twice gave the Russian leader the fuel he needed to stoke nationalism and cement his position on top.
Aug 14 2016

Iran: Russia To Construct 2 Nuclear Power Plants

Iran and Russia will construct two nuclear power plants in Iran, a spokesman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said, Sputnik reported Aug. 14.
Aug 13 2016

Gazprom Soldiers on With Nord Stream II

The latest obstacle to Gazprom's proposed pipeline will do little to deter the Russian giant.
Jun 18 2016

Russia's Search for Foreign Investment

Despite thawing ties with the West, Moscow will continue seeking alternative sources of investment from China and farther afield.

Since 2003, the Kremlin has aggressively reconsolidated state control over its energy sector and demonstrated an increased willingness to use energy as a tool to influence countries that depend on its resources. Many of those countries have attempted to diversify from Russian energy dependence, but Moscow continues to hold considerable influence.

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