The European Crisis Timeline

Apr 29 2016

In Spain, Political Uncertainty Comes at a Price

Fragmentation in Madrid will make it difficult for the next administration — regardless of who leads it — to govern effectively.
Apr 23 2016

Germany: Anti-Trade Deal Protests Break Out

Over 20,000 demonstrators gathered in Hannover on April 23 to protest the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the works between the United States and European Union, AP reported.
Apr 21 2016

The ECB's New Policies Will Frustrate Germany

Tension between the bank and the European Union's largest member will only get worse as Germany's 2017 elections approach.
Apr 20 2016

Germany and the European Central Bank Face Off

Tension between the bank and the European Union's largest member state will rise in 2017.
Apr 19 2016

A Brief Reprieve for Spain

An extension to meet a deficit target came just in time for elections.
Mar 20 2016

Greece: Bailout Review To Pause For Easter, Resume In Early April

Discussions over Greece's bailout review will pause over Easter and resume at the beginning of April, reported March 20.
Mar 14 2016

The Refugee Crisis Redefines German Politics

Regional elections prove that Germany is not immune to the rise of nationalist parties.
Mar 11 2016

In Europe, the Central Bank Loses Control

As currencies weaken across the globe, it appears to be more difficult for governments to artificially push them down.
Mar 04 2016

Europe's Refugee Crisis Spurs an Unlikely Alliance

Despite being on opposite sides during last year's bailout negotiations, Germany and Greece now have reason to cooperate on Athens' financial and migration crises.
Mar 03 2016

Germany's Tactical About-Face on Greece

The tenuous alliance between Berlin and Athens on migration and the economy will be short lived.
Mar 01 2016

Beyond the EU: The Picture Beneath the Tracing Paper

The exact circumstances of the European project's end are not yet clear, but there are certain fixed, underlying truths that are sure to outlast the European Union's current form, and forecast the shape of things to come.
Feb 24 2016

Hungary: Prime Minister Announces Referendum On Migrant Quotas

Hungary's government will hold a referendum on the European Union’s compulsory refugee quotas, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Feb. 24, Reuters reported.

The European economic crisis goes well beyond finance. It affects the economy, politics and social conditions in European countries and challenges the foundations of the European Union. The future of the bloc and the stability of the euro are in jeopardy.

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