The European Crisis Timeline

Feb 04 2016

Southern Europe's Balancing Act

Portugal's economy will continue to grow this year, despite prolonged political instability.
Feb 02 2016

How the EU Plans to Keep Britain in the Bloc

Most of the European Council's latest proposals were in line with London's demands, but there is no guarantee that British voters — or other EU members — will support them.
Jan 29 2016

Greece: The Scapegoat of a Migrant Crisis

Some members of the European Union want to expel Greece from the Schengen Agreement, but even if they do, it will not stem the influx of migrants to the Continent.
Jan 27 2016

European Parties Diverge over Muslim Integration

The views of French conservatives, generally pessimistic about Muslim integration, are gaining broader appeal.
Jan 27 2016

Why Europe's Great Experiment Is Failing

Without the threat of coercion, the European Union has few ways to check the competing strategic interests of its members.
Jan 26 2016

How Migration Patterns Have Impacted German Voters

A growing number of Germans are worried about certain aspects of EU integration, sentiments that will become critical to the European Union's future in the months ahead.
Jan 26 2016

Understanding Italian Defiance

Italy is a miniature version of the European Union.
Jan 23 2016

A Fragmented Government Awaits Portugal's Next President

Regardless of who wins the Jan. 24 election, the country's next leader will have some tough decisions to make.
Jan 21 2016

At Davos, Anxiety Over Global Markets Focuses on Italy

The start of 2016 has been rough on the world's markets, and Italy's banking sector is the current victim.
Jan 07 2016

For Greece, 2016 Brings New Challenges

This year, the country will feel the full social, political and economic weight of its decision to remain in the eurozone.
Jan 06 2016

A Year of Fissiparous Tendencies

Different splits within society have a way of compounding one another.
Jan 01 2016

Vatican: 'Arrogance Of The Powerful' Must End, Pope Says

Pope Francis called for an end to the "arrogance of the powerful" and to "false neutrality" toward conflict, hunger and persecution during a Jan. 1 speech, AP reported.

The European economic crisis goes well beyond finance. It affects the economy, politics and social conditions in European countries and challenges the foundations of the European Union. The future of the bloc and the stability of the euro are in jeopardy.

Key Analysis

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