China's Economy Timeline

Feb 21 2017

As the TPP Founders, Southeast Asia Hedges Its Bets

Amid a rising wave of protectionism, many of the region's economies are searching for new and more reliable trade partners elsewhere.
Feb 21 2017

China Moves to Put North Korea in Its Place

Even as Beijing takes more assertive action abroad, it views its global role and responsibilities far differently than the United States or earlier European empires viewed theirs.
Feb 14 2017

Smog Clouds China's Future as a World Leader

For Beijing, the new plan to curb pollution is just one part of a strategy that goes well beyond environmental policy.
Feb 07 2017

China: Foreign Exchange Reserves Drop Below $3 Trillion

China’s foreign exchange reserves fell below $3 trillion for the first time in nearly five years in January, according to data released Feb. 7, the Financial Times reported.
Feb 02 2017

The Opening Salvo in a Clash Over Currencies

U.S. complaints about money manipulation could be aimed at softening the ground for wider talks.
Jan 29 2017

China: Nominal GDP Expected To Grow In First Quarter, Report Says

China's nominal GDP growth is expected to accelerate in the first quarter of 2017 because of signs of improving economic activity, according to a Chinese investment bank, Xinhua reported Jan. 29.
Jan 27 2017

Trading on U.S. Executive Power

Trump's team is weighing its options for slapping tariffs on countries and companies abroad.
Jan 26 2017

Trump's Rhetorical Reality Show

As the president wields his executive pen, the world weighs its responses.
Jan 25 2017

The Gradual Evolution of the Yuan

China will place its economic stability ahead of international demands to let its currency float.
Jan 24 2017

A New Order of the Ages

The next global order is rooted in the evolution of three interlocking forces: global trade, technology and demographics.
Jan 20 2017

Weaving the Threads of a Possible Trump Doctrine

At the end of one foreign policy path, the United States could enlist Russia as a counterweight to China.

China's leadership is attempting to balance unsustainable economic growth against potential social and political unrest. Beijing has managed to stave off a major crisis through repeated stopgap measures, but how long can the Communist Party sustain this system?

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