China's Economy Timeline

Jul 26 2016

Chinese Farmers' Calls for Change Go Unanswered

Like so many of its bold promises, Beijing's vow to improve rural residents' economic prospects has gone unfulfilled.
Jul 25 2016

A Dawn for the Dead Companies of China

Daunted by local political and economic conditions, China's central government is looking for stopgap measures to keep moribund companies from their demise.
Jul 20 2016

China Is Building Its Future on Credit

State banks are lending out more money as Beijing strives to keep its economy afloat.
Jul 14 2016

Japan's Prime Minister and Economy Share the Same Fate

If the Japanese people tire of waiting for Abe's economic strategy to succeed, he could see challengers arise from within the ruling party's ranks.
Jul 13 2016

Politically Adrift in Australia

The prime minister's early elections gambit backfired, creating even greater potential for parliamentary gridlock.
Jul 07 2016

The Taming of the Two Chinas

In the industrial north and in the innovative south, the central government’s approaches to control diverge.
Jun 29 2016

China, Philippines: Court To Rule Over South China Sea Case July 12

The U.N. Permanent Court of Arbitration announced June 29 that it will issue a verdict July 12 in the case brought by the Philippines over its dispute with China in the South China Sea, Reuters reported.
Jun 27 2016

What Prussia's Rise Can Teach China

More than a century ago, Prussia rose to great power status relatively unchallenged in Europe. How it did so is important when considering China's rise today.
Jun 15 2016

Chinese Financial Reform, Moving at Beijing's Pace

For a third time a major stock index firm excluded China's mainland stocks from its emerging market index.
Jun 15 2016

ASEAN: Members Retract South China Sea Statement

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) retracted on June 14 a statement voicing concern over rising tensions in the South China Sea, Quartz reported June 15.
Jun 14 2016

China: Emerging Markets Index Rejects Chinese Stocks

U.S.-based investment research firm MSCI once again declined to incorporate Chinese mainland shares into its influential emerging market index, CNBC reported June 14.
Jun 06 2016

China, U.S.: Strategic And Economic Dialogue Opens

The United States and China opened their annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing on June 6 amid rising economic and defense-related tension between the two countries, the South China Morning Post reported.

China's leadership is attempting to balance unsustainable economic growth against potential social and political unrest. Beijing has managed to stave off a major crisis through repeated stopgap measures, but how long can the Communist Party sustain this system?

Key Analysis

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