China's Economy Timeline

Aug 26 2016

What Happens When Economies Start Sharing

The spread of peer-to-peer networks is just one part of a larger shift in economic power away from nation-states.
Aug 25 2016

The World's Economies Are Learning to Share

Peer-to-peer networking will spread to new industries and fundamentally alter the way business is conducted.
Aug 24 2016

Gambling on Chinese Debt

Beijing could allow entities other than state-owned banks to trade debt for corporate equity.
Aug 18 2016

China: Rising Home Prices Begin To Slow

Average home prices in China increased this month in 51 of 70 surveyed cities, down from 55 cities in June, 60 in May and 65 in April, the National Bureau of Statistics said Aug. 18, Bloomberg reported.
Aug 16 2016

China's Investments Reveal Its Broader Ambitions

Beijing's new investment strategy reflects a change in its vision of China's place in the world.
Aug 11 2016

An Unlikely Source of Competition Between Russia and China

Beijing's and Moscow's intentions for the Amur River fundamentally differ.
Aug 10 2016

Competing Interests on the Mighty Amur River

Russia's passage to the Pacific is becoming an increasingly important source of irrigation for China's burgeoning breadbasket.
Aug 05 2016

China's Coal Industry Is in Trouble

Prices are rising not because demand is strong but because supply is tight.
Aug 04 2016

The Slow Evolution of China's Coal Behemoth

Market forces favor the central government's push for consolidation in the sector, but local resistance will slow it.
Aug 04 2016

The Chinese President's Thirst for Power

Xi’s efforts to wrest control have resulted in a delay to an economic policy conference and the overhaul of an important Party organ.
Jul 28 2016

An African Yellow Fever Outbreak Poses a Threat to Asia

A disease that has been preventable for nearly 80 years could become a global concern.

China's leadership is attempting to balance unsustainable economic growth against potential social and political unrest. Beijing has managed to stave off a major crisis through repeated stopgap measures, but how long can the Communist Party sustain this system?

Key Analysis

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