China's Economy Timeline

Dec 07 2016

When the Dollar's Strength Is a Weakness

Countries with a lot of dollar-denominated debt could find themselves in trouble as the currency continues to climb.
Dec 06 2016

China Puts the Squeeze on Taiwan

With an uncooperative administration in Taipei, Beijing is working to isolate the island.
Nov 21 2016

China's Economy: Living on Borrowed Time

A looming debt crisis could make for a difficult year ahead for Chinese leaders.
Nov 16 2016

An Asian Perspective on the U.S. Elections

The uncertainty surrounding the outcome concerns the region.
Nov 15 2016

Planting the Seeds of Growth in African Agriculture

Foreign direct investment is the key to unlocking regional potential.
Nov 10 2016

Hong Kong Chafes Under China's Rule

Beijing is tightening its grip over the city, inciting the very calls for independence it is trying to silence.
Nov 08 2016

What the Great Firewall of China Can't Keep out

Beijing's cybersecurity strategy has as much to do with networks at home as abroad.
Nov 07 2016

China: Finance, State Security Ministers Replaced

China’s rubber-stamp parliament, the National People’s Congress, named new finance and state security ministers on Nov. 7, Xinhua reported.
Oct 24 2016

The BRICS' Fortunes Turn

For Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the absence of mutual growth will make it harder to find common ground.
Oct 19 2016

Trading in the TPP for a Deal of China's Making

As the future of the United States-led pact hangs in the balance, Beijing will use the opportunity to put forth its own vision of economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.
Oct 09 2016

China: Nanjing Oil Refinery Equipment Catches Fire, Explodes

Equipment at an oil refinery in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing caught fire and exploded Oct. 9, state media said, Reuters reported.
Oct 06 2016

China and Taiwan's Uncertain Bond

The Taiwanese president's call for reducing economic dependence on the mainland signals a shifting attitude in Taipei.

China's leadership is attempting to balance unsustainable economic growth against potential social and political unrest. Beijing has managed to stave off a major crisis through repeated stopgap measures, but how long can the Communist Party sustain this system?

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