China's Economy Timeline

Jan 17 2017

Invading China, One Trade Dispute at a Time

No matter what approach the incoming administration takes to challenge China's political and economic system, Beijing will be focused on its own priorities.
Jan 13 2017

China: Exports Slow Most Since 2009

Chinese exports fell 7.7 percent in 2016 compared to a year earlier, the biggest decline for China since 2009, according to official data released Jan. 13, Reuters reported.
Jan 12 2017

A More Complete Picture of U.S.-China Trade

Trade figures alone do not reflect the complexities of the two countries' trade ties or the leverage that they give each side over the other.
Jan 11 2017

A Trade War That Cannot Be Won

For every action it takes against China, the United States risks an equal and opposite reaction.
Jan 06 2017

China: Beijing Considers Increasing Scrutiny Of U.S. Firms

China is mulling the idea of launching more anti-trust, anti-dumping and tax investigations into U.S. companies operating in the country if President-elect Donald Trump takes steps to target Chinese firms and goods, Bloomberg reported Jan. 5, citing unnamed sources.
Jan 05 2017

For China, There Is No Painless Escape From Debt

A wave of economic growth could solve the problem, but that is a remote possibility for an economy as big as China's.
Dec 29 2016

A Problem China Cannot Outgrow

Beijing is employing tried and true methods to slow ballooning corporate debt, but its changed circumstances make success far from certain.
Dec 28 2016

In a Few Words, Taiwan Finds an Ally

By rechristening its unofficial embassy, Tokyo subtly pushes against Beijing's assertiveness.
Dec 23 2016

After TPP, Vietnam's Quest for Trade

Vietnam requires more trade to build its economy, and that makes it vulnerable.
Dec 20 2016

The Spratly Islands in Focus

This South China Sea archipelago is at the center of the longtime but increasingly active rivalry between Vietnam and China.
Dec 09 2016

China's Unfinished Trade Revolution

Not all WTO members agree that Beijing has built a market economy.
Dec 07 2016

When the Dollar's Strength Is a Weakness

Countries with a lot of dollar-denominated debt could find themselves in trouble as the currency continues to climb.

China's leadership is attempting to balance unsustainable economic growth against potential social and political unrest. Beijing has managed to stave off a major crisis through repeated stopgap measures, but how long can the Communist Party sustain this system?

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