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Andrzej Duda, presidential candidate of the right wing Law and Justice party, celebrates after the announcement of exit poll results in Warsaw, May 24. (WOJTEK RADWANSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Polish Elections: Casting Doubts on EU Integration

Poland has enjoyed a decade of economic growth, but voters are wary of further integration with the European Union. Read more…

Supporters cheer for an Ahora Madrid party member after going to the polls to vote for mayors and regional presidents May 24, 2015, in Madrid. (PABLO BLAZQUEZ DOMINGUEZ/GETTY IMAGES)

What to Expect After Spain's Regional Elections

Regional elections in Spain reflect the country's political fragmentation as it transitions from its traditional two-party system. Read more…

A high-speed train travels on the railway to Beijing in Nanning, southern China's Guangxi province on June 13, 2014. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Chinese Rail: Fostering Regional Change With Global Implications

By supporting a transcontinental railroad in South America, China is revolutionizing both regional and global trade dynamics. Read more…