Congo: Military Buildup Reportedly Occurring Around Goma

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Truckloads of Rwandan soldiers have crossed the Congolese border and are camped within 20 miles of Goma, the strategic city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo recently occupied by Rwanda-backed M23 rebels, aid organizations said, The New York Times reported Dec. 17. Meanwhile, the Congolese army has also been reinforcing its positions in recent days with tanks, heavy artillery and allied militias, aid workers said. U.N. officials confirmed the buildup but said they did not know the identities of the various groups of soldiers. The Rwandan government in Kigali has typically used rebel movements in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to create a buffer against the Congolese military and to contain the exiled Rwandan Hutu militias in the Congo's North and South Kivu states.

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