Security Weekly

Aviation Security Threats and Realities

In an environment where the potential threat is hard to identify, airline security personnel must focus on finding the bomber and not just the bomb.

Pakistan and the Naxalite Movement in India

Despite Indian accusations to the contrary, the Naxalites appear to remain a self-reliant group that has not established a strong partnership with Pakistan. (With STRATFOR map.)

Al Qaeda Unlucky Again in Cargo Bombing Attempt

The explosive-parcel operation failed to reach its first objective but did attain its second, which was to generate worldwide media coverage and sow fear in the West.

WikiLeaks and the Culture of Classification

There's no real news in the Iraq-war documents recently released by WikiLeaks, but there are some interesting issues raised by the release and the reaction to it.

The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico's Drug Wars

As Mexican drug trafficking organizations like Los Zetas become increasingly desperate, there almost certainly will be more cases of innocents like David Hartley caught in the crossfire.

Syria, Hezbollah and Iran: An Alliance in Flux

The media hoopla surrounding the Iranian president's visit to Lebanon prompts us to examine a deeper issue: What are Syria's current intentions toward Hezbollah?


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Editor's Choice

Greece Postpones a Crisis

Greece must clear a series of obstacles in the coming months if it hopes to complete its bailout program.

Jihadism in 2014: Jihadist Franchises

The rift between al Qaeda and the Islamic State has produced scores of local splits within regional jihadist groups, and will ultimately weaken both of them.