Security Weekly

Separating Terror from Terrorism

A terrorist attack does not have to succeed to cause panic and alarm as long as terror magnifiers react accordingly.

China and its Double-edged Cyber-sword

Recent People’s Liberation Army pronouncements and arrests of Chinese hackers suggest that China is starting to fear its own prowess on the Internet.

Attacks on Nuclear Scientists in Tehran

It is unlikely that any foreign power would have been able to conduct the operation by itself, nor could any indigenous opposition group pull it off alone.

Aviation Security Threats and Realities

In an environment where the potential threat is hard to identify, airline security personnel must focus on finding the bomber and not just the bomb.

Pakistan and the Naxalite Movement in India

Despite Indian accusations to the contrary, the Naxalites appear to remain a self-reliant group that has not established a strong partnership with Pakistan. (With STRATFOR map.)

Al Qaeda Unlucky Again in Cargo Bombing Attempt

The explosive-parcel operation failed to reach its first objective but did attain its second, which was to generate worldwide media coverage and sow fear in the West.


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Editor's Choice

Ukraine Needs More Money

Kiev's new loan package from the IMF will help the country, but Ukraine's bondholders will ultimately determine its economic fate.

Yemen's Looming Water Crisis

If key steps are not taken, Yemen's water crisis will continue to worsen as the country's population grows.