Security Weekly

The Moscow Attack and Airport Security

The suicide bombing at a Moscow airport illustrates several trends we have long noted, including the difficulty of preventing attacks against soft targets.

The Mohammed Cartoon Dust Has Not Settled

Controversy stirred up over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in 2005 was still swirling in 2010 and is not likely to die down any time soon.

Separating Terror from Terrorism

A terrorist attack does not have to succeed to cause panic and alarm as long as terror magnifiers react accordingly.

China and its Double-edged Cyber-sword

Recent People’s Liberation Army pronouncements and arrests of Chinese hackers suggest that China is starting to fear its own prowess on the Internet.

Attacks on Nuclear Scientists in Tehran

It is unlikely that any foreign power would have been able to conduct the operation by itself, nor could any indigenous opposition group pull it off alone.


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Greece Postpones a Crisis

Greece must clear a series of obstacles in the coming months if it hopes to complete its bailout program.

Jihadism in 2014: Jihadist Franchises

The rift between al Qaeda and the Islamic State has produced scores of local splits within regional jihadist groups, and will ultimately weaken both of them.