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On the RoadMar 5, 2017 | 14:01 GMT
The Beau-Rivage Palace hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland. The politically neutral space hotels provide can make them ideal spaces for leaders to convene for consultation in times of crisis.
The Temporary Halls of Power
Any place elite barons of authority convene can, at least temporarily, join the ranks of the world's important spaces. In countries where power is contested, a hotel's neutral space might be the only option for political or military rivals to engage in talks or to trade information, though this can also attract intelligence agency surveillance.
AssessmentsJan 17, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
A Congolese rebel alliance soldier surrounded by looters in Kinshasa prods a photograph of ousted Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997. African populations are demanding more from their leaders, and not all leaders are prepared to give it.
In Africa, Modernity Challenges Traditional Governance
Of the 54 independent states that make up Africa, many have recently undergone a major transition of power or are on the cusp of one. Once unshakable political parties, some in control since Africa's wave of independence movements in the 1950s, have disintegrated or been defeated by opposition figures. Not all of Africa's leaders are ready to accept the changes, however.
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