Latest Middle East Analysis

After the Nuclear Deal, a Region Recalibrates

Iran's nuclear agreement will dilute power in the Middle East, creating more conflicts and strange alliances. Read more…

The Parthenon in Greece (L) and the skyline of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock mosque. (LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images)

Athens and Jerusalem: City of Reason, City of Faith

Two ancient cities historically represented distinct philosophical viewpoints, but their modern counterparts have not always conformed to the stereotype. Read more…

An Egyptian armored vehicle patrols the Egyptian side of the Gaza border on July 2, 2015. (SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

A Common Enemy Unites Egypt, Israel and Hamas

The two countries and the Palestinian militant group all have an interest in countering the Islamic State's Sinai franchise. Read more…