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The Russian LUKOIL ice-resistant fixed platform LSP-1, intended to drill and operate wells at Korchagin's oil field in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea, 180 kilometers (112 miles) outside Astrakhan. (MIKHAIL MORDASOV/AFP Photo)

Chronology: Bringing Oil to Europe Without Russia

A collection of Stratfor's recent analyses relating to the Trans-Caspian pipeline project. Read more…

What Borders Mean to Europe

The Muslim refugee crisis, Greece's economic quagmire and the situation in Ukraine all stem from Europe's understanding of borders. Read more…

Ukrainian servicemen use an automatic grenade launcher during fights with separatists near Avdeevka, Donetsk region, on June 18. (ALEKSEY CHERNYSHEV/AFP/Getty Images)

Analytical Guidance: Skirmishes Escalate in Eastern Ukraine

The broader interactions between Russia and the West are reflected in recent incidents along the line of contact in eastern Ukraine. Read more…

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