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Ukrainian security forces and pro-Russia separatists are largely adhering to a May 1 cease-fire in eastern Ukraine to gain political and security concessions. (ALEKSEY FILIPPOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Fighting for Concessions in the Ukrainian Conflict

Holding a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine may be Moscow’s last chance to get EU sanctions removed. Read more…


Renewed Hope for a Diplomatic Solution in Syria

Though many obstacles still stand in the way of reviving Syria's cease-fire, there is good reason to think the newest round of peace talks will take. Read more…

The capital of Sophia, Bulgaria, while often seeking to dominate the Balkans throughout its history, more often was dominated by the great powers surrounding it. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Bulgaria: Balkan Heavyweight, Eurasian Lightweight

The geography of Europe's oldest country make it a potential Balkan powerhouse, but has also subjected it to constant outside meddling. Read more…