Latest Former Soviet Union Analysis
U.S. diplomat and historian George F. Kennan (1904 - 2005, left) is sworn in as ambassador to the Soviet Union by Raymond Muir, as Kennan's wife and daughter look on. (HULTON ARCHIVE/Getty Images)

Why the U.S. Feels It Must Contain Russia

The strategy Washington used against the Soviet Union during the Cold War is still useful as the United States works to keep Russia from becoming a regional hegemon. Read more…

A man waves a Romanian flag in downtown Bucharest on July 12. About 500 demonstrators from Romania waited at University Square for around 1,000 young people from Moldova to participate in the march asking for the unification of Moldova and Romania. (DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)

Moldova's Instability Could Be Romania's Opportunity

Romania is the country best suited to bolster Moldova's ailing banking sector and economy. Read more…

A border police officer from the Moldovan separatist region of Transdniestria looks at the border with Ukraine at Kuchurgan-Pervomaysk. (DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)

How Ukraine Is Obstructing Russia in Transdniestria

Ukraine's deployment of air defense systems near the border with the breakaway Moldovan region threatens Russia's last supply line into the territory. Read more…