Latest Asia Pacific Analysis
(AHN YOUNG-JOON-POOL/Getty Images) A North Korean soldier (R) looks at a South Korean counterpart as Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization representatives visit the border village of Panmunjom between the two countries on June 25.

In Border Standoff, South Korea Adopts a More Aggressive Posture

The Korean Peninsula is witnessing a period of dangerous posturing with significant risk of escalation and miscalculation. Read more…

The view of Dokdo/Takeshima Island as the ferry approaches from Ulleungdo. (Stratfor)

Dokdo Island: A Case Study in Asia's Maritime Disputes

The posturing surrounding these kinds of claims can shape the fates of nations. Read more…

U.S. sailors celebrate their victory over Korean troops at Deokjin fort in June 1871. (Naval Historical Foundation/Wikimedia)

The Island Between the Two Koreas

A visit to the North Korean border at Ganghwado island brings to mind an 1871 clash between Korea and the United States — and the beginning of a complex relationship. Read more…