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Malian soldiers and special forces stand guard at the entrance the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali, on Nov. 20, after security forces stormed the hotel. (HABIBOU KOUYATE/AFP/Getty Images)

How Terrorist Trends Develop

Ideology, politics, technology and counterterrorism efforts contribute to developments in terrorism. Read more…


Examining the Tactics Used in the Mali Attack

Assailants will continue to overcome protective measures, but timely and decisive action can limit the carnage. Read more…

A French Geopost drone hovers during a Sept. 28 presentation showing a prototype package delivery system in action in Pourrieres, France. (BORIS HORVAT/AFP?Getty Images)

The Future of Commercial Drones

In the United States, regulations will delay the use of drones in urban environments and home deliveries. Read more…