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Stratfor Worldview for Finance

Actionable Geopolitical Intelligence for Global Decision-Makers.

Maintain A Stable Course in the Presence of Crosswinds

Stratfor geopolitical forecasts and analyses provide finance professionals with a level-headed perspective among sensational media influencing volatile markets.

Understand the geopolitical forces driving market conditions

Worldview analyses focus on the constraints and compulsions of world leaders, as well as how their domestic & international policies.

Hedge Risk Against Geopolitical Black Swans

The best algorithms can fall prey to a single faulty assumption. Reduce your risk exposure by understanding where global developments are at risk of contagion.

Quarterly & Annual Forecasts

Each quarter Stratfor analysts present a clear understanding of which geopolitical trends will disrupt the global economic, political, and security landscapes.

Paradigm-Shifting Perspectives

Stratfor’s unique geopolitical perspectives and multidisciplinary analyses inform the strategic directives of globally minded professionals.

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The Daily Brief
Emerging Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Stratfor analysts bring front and center the most significant global developments in frontier markets, which typical analyses often overlooked or discount.

Worldview for Finance

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