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Stratfor Worldview for Energy

Empowering global energy executives with geopolitical analyses that guide corporate and project-level strategy at the country and regional level.

Replace Crude Information with Refined Intelligence.

Stratfor forecasts the seismic shifts in global power that shake the foundations of nations rich in natural resources.

Grasp how Global Developments Affect Exploration Strategy.

Stratfor geopolitical intelligence and analyses empower global energy executives with inputs into their long term in-country operations.

Determine the Flow of Future Global Energy Developments.

By layering historical analysis onto the constraints and compulsions that affect global leaders, the future scenarios become more apparent.

Forecasting Regional Stability and Insecurity

Worldview forecasts provide insights into how the strengths and weaknesses of a country’s administration and security posture will influence oil production in the region, affecting energy companies’ operations.

Analyze the Effects of Country Behavior

Stratfor analysts monitor the regional energy consumption patterns influenced by in demographics, economic environment, political climates, and security apparatuses.

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Discuss Stratfor’s Take One-on-One

Ask senior Stratfor analysts how geopolitical issues may affect your organization’s international exploration projects, contracts, and trade agreements when new sanctions, tariffs, or conflicts arise.

Worldview for Energy

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