• To empower members to confidently understand and navigate a continuously changing and complex global environment.

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Stratfor Worldview for Educational Institutions

Enabling educational institutions to remain competitive and enrich course content by empowering students with geopolitical tools and libraries with electronic resources

Pinpoint The Truly Significant Global Developments.

Worldview distills huge amounts of open-sources intelligence and comprehensive analysis into predictive insights to help better inform students and faculty.

Gain a Unique Perspective
on International Affairs.

By placing global events in a geopolitical framework, we are able to provide students with a global perspective as they prepare for their professional roles.

Remove Bias From Your Analysis.

Worldview provides unbiased geopolitical intelligence to support universities with research initiatives, classroom discussions, and international projects.

Enrich Students Research Capabilities

Empower students to see the connections between numerous other disciplines. Access over twenty years of Stratfor analyses and forecasts across politics, economics, security, geography, technology, history and society.

Strengthen Course Curriculums

Enrich class curriculums and case studies with structured, graphical, geopolitcal analysis to strengthen students’ problem-solving, researching, analytical thinking and strategic forecasting skills.

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Empower Students with New Analytical Tools

By placing global events in a geopolitical framework, students can use new multidisciplinary tools that enable them to create their own unique perspective instead of merely adopting those of others.

Collaborate in Online Private and Public Forums

Continue classroom discussions online in a private forum. Interact privately with classmates and faculty or engage with members of the Stratfor community at large.

Further Supplement Classroom Resources

Receive full access to all premium Stratfor reports including long-form strategic analysis, for comprehensive vantage of key issues shaping world developments today.

Worldview for Educational Institutions

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