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Stratfor Worldview for Aerospace and Defense

Supporting aerospace and defense professionals with forecasting capabilities to validate strategies and plan for contingencies.

Forecasting Conflict Zones For Long-Term Strategic Planning.

Understanding the past and observing the flow of present events helps determine the direction of future conflict developments. By layering on the compelling and constricting forces that affect a country or leader insight into how conflict zones are expected to evolve can be drive your long term strategic planning.

Understanding the Drivers that Influence a Country’s Behavior.

Developing a long-term business relationship with a country’s administration requires more than a cursory understanding of the political environment and government structure.

Strategy Evolution through Ongoing Geopolitical Analysis

To be successful in today's competitive global marketplace, you must not only develop robust strategies but be agile in execution and evolution. Changing dynamics — whether at a state, regional or global level — will have inevitable business implications.

Illuminate Opportunities and Mitigate Risk

Stratfor’s global team of geopolitical experts provide ongoing situational awareness and deep context when it comes to tracking and anticipating political, economic, security and technology trends. Any shift that impacts defense considerations in a particular geographic or thematic area presents risk or opportunity for global aerospace and defense companies.

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The Daily Brief
Make Smarter Business Decisions for Your Global Strategy

Worldview allows aerospace and defense companies to proactively understand the most important events happening around the world within the context of their business. With Stratfor, evaluate the geopolitical imperatives of key countries in each region around the world, assess interests against geopolitical conditions and develop future political, economic and security behaviors that will influence the defense environment.

Intelligence for your own Robust Geopolitical Intelligence Capability

Centered on a core geopolitical paradigm, Stratfor’s Geopolitical Intelligence Capability enablement program emphasizes the use of net assessments, “living forecasts” and zero-based analysis. The goal is to create a system of monitoring and early warning of critical changes and events, along with a clearer understanding of their significance.

Worldview for Aerospace and Defense

By leveraging a deep understanding of history, politics and geography in conjunction with our unique methodology, Stratfor delivers informed perspectives on today’s events and develops a more accurate view of the future for our aerospace and defense clients.