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Ksenia Semenova

Ksenia Semenova
Ksenia Semenova is a journalist, editor and public relations expert. She is currently editor-in-chief of the Russian-language Q & A media service The Question. Before that, she worked as a contributing writer for the Institute of Modern Russia. Her piece titled "A New Wave of Emigration: The Best Are Leaving" was selected as one of the institute's top 10 analyses of 2015. Until 2012, Ms. Semenova was chief editor of the New York office of Snob Magazine, covering a range of topics from sports to politics and writing a column about life in New York City.  
Ms. Semenova graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with honors, and her thesis, "3D image of Vladimir Putin as it shown in the media," was published in the annual digest of the top works produced by students in the journalism department.​
A supporter of Russia's Communist Party brandishes a poster bearing infamous Soviet leader Josef Stalin's likeness during a May Day celebration.
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow on Dec. 23, 2016. The election of a U.S. presidential candidate who is friendly to Moscow has undermined Putin's entire diplomatic strategy.
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