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Emily Hawthorne

Middle East and North Africa Analyst

Emily Hawthorne

Emily Hawthorne is a Middle East and North Africa analyst at Stratfor. She monitors political, business and security developments across the region, with a special focus on North Africa and Gulf Cooperation Council member states. Prior to working at Stratfor, Ms. Hawthorne worked as the regional director for a U.S. media company in Dubai.

Ms. Hawthorne holds a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she completed research theses on Islamic law and the global halal food trade. She speaks fluent Arabic and has lived and worked in Morocco, Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Egypt Turkey Cairo Ankara Sisi Erdogan
The 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement laid the framework for many of the boundaries that still define the Middle East today, delineating Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Mandate Palestine and several Arabian Gulf countries. The boundaries are losing significance, but there is little impetus to redraw them.
On the 17th anniversary of King Abdullah II's coronation, we reflect on the quixotic survival of a nation with few assets in a region in crisis.
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