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Jay Ogilvy

Jay Ogilvy

Jay Ogilvy joined Stratfor's board of contributors in January 2015. In 1979, he left a post as a professor of philosophy at Yale to join SRI, the former Stanford Research Institute, as director of research. Dr. Ogilvy co-founded the Global Business Network of scenario planners in 1987. He is the former dean and chief academic officer of San Francisco's Presidio Graduate School. Dr. Ogilvy has published nine books, including Many Dimensional Man, Creating Better Futures and Living Without a Goal.

Comparing geopolitics and chronopolitics.
A number of polls, especially those conducted by the politically independent Levada Center in Moscow, support the conclusion that Russians genuinely hold leader Vladimir Putin in high regard.
Rolling Back Democracy
Protesters hungry for democracy take to the streets of Hong Kong, where election outcomes are tightly controlled by China. Liberal democracy around the world has found itself in decline.
China's heavy-handed tactics in Hong Kong
Next time you hear a cynic spouting rhetoric about truthiness in a post-truth environment, know that in the end we have ways to deal with all of the seeming facts before us: namely, careful science and a free press.
What would people do with free money?
The recent U.S. presidential election was not about some old debate between the right and left that, today, is as irrelevant as theological debates about the divine right of kings.
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