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Matthew Bey

Senior Global Analyst

Matthew Bey

Matthew Bey is an energy and technology analyst for Stratfor, where he monitors a variety of global issues and trends. In particular, he focuses on energy and political developments in OPEC member states and the consequences of such developments on oil producers and the international oil market. Mr. Bey's work includes studies on the global impact of rising U.S. energy production, the recent fall in oil prices, Russia's political influence on Europe through energy, and long-term trends in energy and manufacturing.

Mr. Bey is a native of Houston, Texas. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Lutheran University and a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Texas.

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Export oil pipelines at an oil facility on Kharg Island, Iran's primary oil export terminal in the Persian Gulf. To revive Iran's hobbled economy after years of sanctions, President Hassan Rouhani is now driving an initiative to reinvigorate the oil sector.
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