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Lauren Goodrich

Senior Eurasia Analyst

Lauren Goodrich
Lauren Goodrich is a senior Eurasia analyst and Soviet Union specialist. Her key areas of expertise are politics, business, economics and security in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Ms. Goodrich lived in Russia during the Yeltsin-Putin transition and taught at Tomsk Polytechnic University. She holds degrees from both the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the University of Texas at Austin in Russian language; Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian studies; Slavic literature and religious studies.
  • Russian security and foreign policy
  • EU internal and foreign policy
  • Politics in former Soviet states
  • Balkan internal and foreign policy
  • Slavic language and culture
March 15 marks 100 years since Czar Nicholas II abdicated his throne, ending the Romanov dynasty's 300-year reign in Russia.
Russia and its leaders are acting more aggressively at home and abroad, in keeping with a centuries-old cycle of boom and bust.
Terrorism and the Rise of Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has remained relatively centrist. Now, Russia's political elite, as well as its voting public, want him to take a side. To remedy Russia's many problems, something will have to give -- but what?
Moscow's success in Syria and Ukraine is a matter of debate for some, but not for the Russian people. Today's nationalism taps into their deeper identity -- their sense of moral virtue, their survival instinct and their belief in Russia as a global power.
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