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Adriano Bosoni

Senior Europe Analyst

Adriano Bosoni
As Stratfor’s Senior Europe Analyst, Adriano Bosoni focuses on political, economic and social issues pertaining to the European continent. His areas of expertise include politics, economics and social trends in Europe, EU institutions and policies, risk analysis, demographics and migratory movements, nationalism and populism.
Mr. Bosoni holds a journalism degree from USAL (Argentina) as well as a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Bologna (Italy). He is also a former Fulbright scholar and has taken several courses on international affairs and globalization on American and European universities. 
Mr. Bosoni is frequently featured in and cited by numerous newspapers and broadcasts from around the world. He has lived and worked in several countries in Europe and the Americas.
You can follow him on Twitter: @AdrianoBosoni
For the first time in a decade, the countries whose alliance lies at the heart of the European Union are negotiating more or less on even ground.
A French and a European flag fly in front of the Lille courthouse. French voters will decide on the future of the country -- and, as a result, that of the Continental bloc -- in the 2017 presidential elections.
Dark clouds over the Reichstag building in Berlin may be a sign of things to come.
Eurozone's future potential collapse EU
EU Collapse Brexit London Brussels
EU collapse brexit
In the wake of a Brexit, uncertainty -- the archenemy of economic growth and financial stability -- would abound. If Britain quits the European Union, it risks disrupting the base of power the bloc has come to rest on.
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