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Stratfor is headquartered in Austin, Texas. In addition, we have relationships in geopolitically significant areas around the world. The only openings we have at this time are listed below; please follow the instructions to our applicant page online. We are unable to respond to individual questions regarding job opportunities due to the high volume of applications.

Positions Available:

Account Executive, Threat Lens

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm. We partner with clients to help identify opportunities, make strategic decisions, and manage risk. Stratfor’s advisory services clients are fund managers and senior executives of global multinational corporations, financial institutions, as well as government agencies and premier universities around the world.

Job Description:

The Account Executive is a sales-focused role, designed to develop and grow Stratfor’s business. The ThreatLens Account Executive will support corporate security executives and/or other security managers responsible for organizational security, protective intelligence management, along with global security and tactical security concerns. The Account Executive will work with Stratfor’s Enterprise Sales department leadership and business development team, along with Stratfor’s ThreatLens team, to identify and prioritize potential clients, develop engagement strategies, establish and develop relationships with key clients, develop a sales pipeline and translate developmental discussions about our offerings into increased revenues.


  • Fully understanding the client’s key challenges, operational risk areas, and global security concerns and then translating and aligning Stratfor’s capabilities to create a strategy to help mitigate risk to the client.  
  • Focused on selling Stratfor’s high-value ThreatLens products and services, to include security risk assessments, global security monitoring, monitoring of protective intelligence threats, and tactical security support.
  • Maintaining ongoing awareness of Stratfor’s analytical coverage and forecasting to support related sales.
  • Maintaining the overall relationship with strategic key accounts. The Account Executive acts as the primary business contact for the client at the senior executive level.
  • Directly identifying and developing business opportunities with strategic key accounts; developing and sustaining a robust pipeline of deals and closes large, profitable, deals to achieve or exceed agreed sales targets.
  • Developing opportunities for other delivery channels including digital media, multi-client and presentation opportunities.
  • Responsible for the leadership, management, and performance of resources supporting the client pre-sales, proposal, and delivery stages.
  • Ability in negotiating non-standard terms and conditions as required for complex multi-functional intelligence engagements and leading contract negotiations with customers.
  • Ensuring Key Account Customer Satisfaction to develop future business opportunities and provides appropriate and timely feedback to internal delivery groups to enable them to react positively to customer issues and to enhance products and services for continuous improvement and maintaining market differentiation.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Candidate ideally would have 10+ years of experience in the corporate security and/or consulting industry and a proven track record of selling services, and engaging with senior executives on issues related to global security concerns, risk management, intelligence operations, military and/or law enforcement.
  • Must have strong executive presence, strong oral and written communication abilities and outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Possesses strong commercial skills, the ability to visualize, describe and structure deals, solid understanding of tactical and strategic security issues, risk management and global security operations.
  • Must be a self-starter who can manage their own time and work as a member of a local and virtual team.
  • Some work will require short turn-around times to support time-sensitive security concerns, while other work will have longer sale cycles, but the ability to develop relationships and leverage Stratfor’s content and expertise into saleable consulting services is critical.
  • An understanding of how corporate and other organizations’ security managers and analysts use strategic intelligence would be useful, as would any commercial experience, but these skills are less important than the ability to build strategic relationships.
  • Education must include a Bachelor’s degree at minimum.
  • Foreign language aptitude and travel experience is preferred.
  • Experience with intelligence operations is preferred.
  • Location in Austin, Texas is preferred.
  • This role may require 50%+ travel, depending on location.

To Apply:

Please forward resumes to [email protected].



Stratfor's team of analysts come from extremely diverse backgrounds and share an intense passion for understanding how the world operates through a geopolitical lens. We are looking for candidates that demonstrate a high quality of mind and energy for what we do.

We care about how you think, first and foremost. To be considered for an analyst position, you must be willing to internalize Stratfor's geopolitical methodology to make sense of the world. You must be willing to go beyond a narrow area of expertise to understand how issues connect across regions and themes. We are not in the business of making policy prescriptions: You must suppress biases, internalize the constraints shaping a state’s behavior and focus on what will happen versus what should happen. You must demonstrate both rigor and creativity in how you analyze fragments of information from intelligence feeds. You must possess the intellectual discipline to regularly have your baseline assumptions challenged without getting your feelings hurt. And you must love this enough to live and breathe the job. This is a fast-paced working environment that carries a lot of responsibility, and we need people who can not only handle the work, but who also thrive in a place where both speed and depth of analysis hold equal weight.

Job Responsibilities

As a member of Stratfor’s core team of analysts, you will be responsible for supplying Stratfor’s main publishing arm with consistent, forward-looking intelligence and analysis and for providing briefings to Stratfor’s diverse set of clients. 

Analysts are not only responsible for processing a large amount of information daily to stay on top of current events; a successful Stratfor analyst is able to step back from the noise, identify the key constraints to action and home in on the deeper trends in motion to develop long-term strategic forecasts. They must excel in using fragments of information and a geopolitical framework to build a coherent picture. While analysts have areas that they specialize in, our forecasts encompass political, economic, security and technological forces, requiring a well-rounded approach and the ability to absorb and transmit knowledge quickly. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, like to dig into a lot of issues at once, and are a pro at multitasking, this is a good place for you.

An analyst’s main output is in the form of written analysis for the company’s online publishing arm, as well as custom briefings for clients. Candidates must therefore demonstrate creativity and clarity in their thinking and writing. Stratfor’s engagement with clients and international media also necessitate a professional presence with excellent briefing and verbal communication skills.

Open Positions

All Analyst positions are based at the company headquarters in Austin, TX

In addition to the responsibilities listed above for all analyst candidates, we are seeking analysts who meets the following region-specific additional criteria:

Asia-Pacific Analyst

  • Depth and breadth in the political, business, economic, security and social issues that shape the Asia-Pacific region
  • Deep and demonstrable knowledge of the history of the region
  • An ability to cover the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, from the strategic to the tactical level
  • A strong grasp of economics and ability to articulate how global and internal economic dynamics from currency markets to  and impact the region
  • Relevant experience in region and foreign language skills in Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian languages and Mandarin a big plus.

Global Military Analyst

  • Eligibility to work in the United States. This position is based out of the company headquarters in Austin, Texas
  • At least 2-3 years of relevant work experience and completion of advanced degrees
  • Depth in the understanding of military theory, history and practice
  • Familiarity with emerging military concepts, doctrines, modernization programs, electronic warfare and cybersecurity
  • Interest and understanding of military technology and weaponry, logistics and industry 
  • In-depth knowledge of active and emerging conflicts
  • Established network of relevant contacts and subject matter experts is a plus; Ideal candidates will have work experience in their area of interest
  • Ability to construct clear, logical analytical arguments with supporting evidence
  • Rigor, professionalism and resourcefulness in conducting research
  • Genuine interest and skill in writing
  • A professional presence with excellent briefing and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a highly challenging environment and under tight deadlines
  • Must be a self-starter; candidates must show the ability to manage their own time and work constructively as a member of a local and virtual overseas team
  • Ability to understand key political, economic, energy, security, historical and social trends shaping a region in addition to core military assessment; Candidates must demonstrate ability to cover the region as a whole in addition to specific country expertise through a military lens. Candidates must be comfortable covering a range of issues in depth. For example, a Stratfor Global Military Analyst would be responsible for covering the tactical evolution of the Syrian battlefield, gaming out military scenarios for a conflict in Northeast Asia or the South China Sea, and understanding the strategic direction of China’s military modernization
  • Language capabilities in addition to English are a major plus

To apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume (CV) and relevant writing sample to [email protected]. Cover letters should be no more than 500 words explaining why you genuinely want to work for Stratfor and how you specifically meet the requirements outlined.


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