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Mar 8, 2013 | 16:12 GMT

Welcome members of The Intelligence Community

In conjunction with the largest professional network for intelligence and national security personnel on LinkedIn, Stratfor is proud to announce access to our geopolitical analysis of world affairs at a special discount for IC members.

Stratfor provides real-time intelligence to subscribers via our online publication, and to clients via custom relationships. These custom engagements can include executive briefings, unique reports, research projects tailored to specific topics of interest, and a constant flow of custom intelligence supporting our clients' active decision-making around the world.

As an agile organization, Stratfor integrates client intelligence needs into our workflow. Our 125 employees maintain sources in 80 countries and speak 29 languages. With our help, decision-makers operating in the financial, natural resources and security markets are better able to mitigate risk, source new opportunities and operate more effectively in challenging regions around the globe.

Learn how we can help your business or organization with our custom intelligence services. As an IC member, you can also save $150 on a 1-year personal-use subscription. Click below for more information.


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