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Stratfor Hires Veteran Security Advisor and Intelligence Expert as Vice President of Intelligence

2 MINS READAug 29, 2019 | 18:19 GMT

Rebecca Lewis is accomplished in open source geopolitical intelligence analysis. She will lead Stratfor intelligence operations.

Stratfor, the world's leading geopolitical intelligence platform, is pleased to announce that Rebecca Lewis has joined Stratfor as the executive leader of its intelligence operations, geopolitical risk assessments and open-source collection program. Lewis is an accomplished manager and national security strategy developer. Her expertise includes all-source intelligence analysis, national security strategy development and analytic tradecraft employing structured techniques.

Stratfor President, Chip Harmon, said, "Rebecca Lewis is an impressive and innovative intelligence leader. We're excited about her breadth of experience and her ability to collaboratively improve open source analysis, thereby enhancing our strong offerings that help clients identify current or potential risks."

Lewis will join Harmon and other Stratfor team leaders as the company continues to create an innovative set of digital analytical tools designed to enhance a client's ability to understand and keep abreast of geopolitical events as well as react to threats that emerging risks pose to their assets and people.

Stratfor is a "natural fit for me," Lewis said, as the role gives her an opportunity to further the development of one of the most respected brands in the geopolitical intelligence industry. "I have spent my career identifying emerging issues, analyzing regional geopolitics and innovating analytic approaches," Lewis said. "I look forward to this next phase of growth with the world's leading geopolitical forecasting platform as we refine analysis collection and strategy development for the world's leading companies."

Under Chip Harmon's leadership, and with financial backing provided by Dallas-based private equity firm Teakwood Capital, Stratfor has transitioned from primarily a B2C business to an enterprise-level B2B company. Its client base has expanded to include some of the world's largest multinational corporations, asset management firms, national security agencies and educational institutions. The success of Stratfor Worldview and Stratfor Threat Lens as well as the firm's premier Stratfor Advisory Services have established Stratfor as a critical resource for large and mid-sized organizations internationally.

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