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Kimberly Haley-Coleman with community members in Thailand between Chiang Mai and the Myanmar border.
A truck leaves a ferry in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, on Jan. 8, 2019.
Stratfor's 2019 Second Quarter Forecast published March 11, 2019
Fred Burton discusses his book, Beirut Rules, at the Fort Bliss Army Sergeants Major Academy, February 2019. Beirut Rules tells the story of the kidnapping and murder of CIA Station Chief William Buckley at the hands of Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon in the 1980s. Recently, Fred spoke at the World Affairs Council Dallas on March 5, and will speak at SXSW on March 8.
The moon during the total lunar eclipse in 2018. On Jan. 20, a so-called Super Blood Wolf Moon will unfold, and it is the perfect time to consider the new space race among the United States and China that has set its sights on the celestial body.