Geopolitical Weekly

The Roots of the Government Shutdown

Even if it means closing the government, even if it means defaulting on debt, ideology is a demanding mistress who permits no other lovers.

U.S. and Iranian Realities

Though obstacles to an eventual accommodation remain, Iranian and American realities argue for a settlement.

Obama's Tightrope Walk

Human rights concerns regarding Syria and international expectations have put the president in an awkward position.

Obama's Bluff

A Syrian chemical weapons threat will not be solved with airstrikes alone.


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Editor's Choice

Greece Postpones a Crisis

Greece must clear a series of obstacles in the coming months if it hopes to complete its bailout program.

Jihadism in 2014: Jihadist Franchises

The rift between al Qaeda and the Islamic State has produced scores of local splits within regional jihadist groups, and will ultimately weaken both of them.