Geopolitical Weekly

WikiLeaks and the Afghan WarFree

Summaries and excerpts of tens of thousands of documents leaked to a website known as WikiLeaks do not reveal a new reality with regards to the Afghan war. Read more…

Russian Spies and Strategic IntelligenceFree

The Russian-U.S. spy exchange has shown intelligence agencies doing the necessary work of recruiting and rescuing agents. The measure of intelligence activity is not merely whether one has penetrated the other side, however. Read more…

The 30-Year War in AfghanistanFree

The U.S. obsession with Afghanistan, an on-again, off-again affair for 30 years, has entered a new phase in which the U.S. and allied militaries are directly carrying the war-fighting burden for the first time. Given the time frame grand strategy imposes, and given the capabilities of the Taliban, it is difficult to see how this strategy will work out, however. Read more…


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Editor's Choice

Anti-EU Parties Are Here to Stay

Efforts to discredit Euroskeptic parties have backfired, proving that nothing short of economic recovery can counter anti-EU elements within EU institutions. Read more…