Geopolitical Weekly

Russia: Rebuilding an Empire While It Can

Russia is shoring itself up in anticipation of a new U.S. geopolitical surge after Washington turns its attention from the Middle East and South Asia.

Libya and Iraq: The Price of Success

While the stakes in the Libyan crisis are not terribly high, the lesson of Iraq is a different story given the potential for a reshaped region.

Geopolitical Journey: Riots in Cairo

The sectarian unrest that broke out Oct. 9 shows how the Egyptian opposition's assumption of a move toward democracy is grinding against reality.

Obama's Dilemma: U.S. Foreign Policy and Electoral Realities

The United States is moving into an election cycle, when foreign policy initiatives tend to be frozen. Given the dynamics of the Obama administration and this election, the freeze will be more intense than usual.

The Crisis of Europe and European Nationalism

Unification has no moral claim on Europe beyond promising prosperity and offering a path to avoid conflict. The problem arises when the prosperity stops.


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Editor's Choice

Ukraine Needs More Money

Kiev's new loan package from the IMF will help the country, but Ukraine's bondholders will ultimately determine its economic fate.

Yemen's Looming Water Crisis

If key steps are not taken, Yemen's water crisis will continue to worsen as the country's population grows.