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Russia's Strategy

For Russia, the recreation of a union is a strategic necessity.

Mexico's Plan to Create a Paramilitary Force

Even a competent, well-paid and well-equipped police institution cannot stand alone in a culture unprepared to support it and help maintain its integrity.

Why Men Revolt

One gauge of the success of a rebellion is whether it offers something better than the tyranny it seeks to overthrow.

Turkey's Strategy

Turkey provides an interesting case study of a minor country becoming a great power.

Africa's Tuareg Dilemma

Part of Africa's challenge is extending good governance and development far beyond the capitals.

Iran's Strategy

Iran is using the nuclear issue to divert attention from what is actually happening — a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East.


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Editor's Choice

Greece Postpones a Crisis

Greece must clear a series of obstacles in the coming months if it hopes to complete its bailout program.

Jihadism in 2014: Jihadist Franchises

The rift between al Qaeda and the Islamic State has produced scores of local splits within regional jihadist groups, and will ultimately weaken both of them.