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Saudi Nightmares

The Saudis know that the American split with Iran cannot go on forever.

France's Strategy

President Francois Hollande will adapt the Gaullist strategy for French independence in its relationship with Germany.

NATO's Ordinary Future

The loss of its core purpose immeasurably weakened NATO, but the alliance is still useful.

Putin's Evolving Strategy in Europe

Russian leader Vladimir Putin's use of personal relationships in dealing with Europe is no longer a valid tactic.

Britain's Strategy

Britain has positioned itself superbly for a strategy of waiting, watching and retaining options no matter what happens.


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Editor's Choice

Ukraine Needs More Money

Kiev's new loan package from the IMF will help the country, but Ukraine's bondholders will ultimately determine its economic fate.

Yemen's Looming Water Crisis

If key steps are not taken, Yemen's water crisis will continue to worsen as the country's population grows.