Annual Forecast 2009: War, Recession and Resurgence

This is the introduction to Stratfor's 2009 Annual Forecast, which includes links to each section of the forecast and a printable PDF of the report in its entirety. We have also provided a report card of our 2008 forecasts highlighting where we were right and where we were wrong. Read more…

Annual Forecast 2009: Hindsight and Errors

In our 2008 Annual Forecast, Stratfor had some hits and misses. Among the misses was the failure to forecast the magnitude of the effect the subprime crisis would have on the global economy. This is one section of the 2009 Annual Forecast. Read more…


Editor's Choice

2017 Annual ForecastFree

Long-term trends tend to quietly build over decades and then noisily surface as the politics catch up. Such is the case for 2017. Read more…

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