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Oct 31, 2014 | 17:20 GMT

Tristan Reed

As the lead analyst on Mexico's security issues, Tristan Reed focuses on the broad geographic trends of organized crime and tactical movements of individual criminal groups. He is an expert on Mexico's criminal cartels and their impact on security throughout Mexico and neighboring countries. He also assists in the analysis of security-related topics around the world, including jihadist and criminal trends in Pakistan and political violence in Afghanistan.
Prior to joining Stratfor, he was a human intelligence collector for the U.S. Army, and has operational experience with intelligence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Colombia. Mr. Reed has credentials in Spanish from the Defense Language Institute. He has also completed the U.S. Army's Human Intelligence Collector course, Reid Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques course and Enhanced Interrogations and Analysis Training course.
  • Organized crime in Mexico
  • Illicit trade routes around the world
  • U.S.-Mexico border security issues
  • Tactical security
Tristan Reed

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