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Scott Stewart on Brazil Terror Arrests

Stratfor VP of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart tells Reuters these seem to be pre-emptive arrests that have the potential to disrupt other groups who may be plotting attacks.

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Fred Burton on Attacks Against Police

Speaking with WTOP, Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton explores the growing challenges that local law enforcement faces across the United States.

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Reva Goujon on Putin-Erdogan Meeting

Following the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon tells Newsweek that presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin will have much to discuss when they meet in Russia next month.

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Rodger Baker on What's Next in the South China Sea

Following a ruling on contested waters, Stratfor VP of Strategic Analysis Rodger Baker tells the Wall Street Journal that countries will now use fishing boats to try and reassert their claims.

The Wall Street Journal
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Scott Stewart on Islamic State Terror

Stratfor VP of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart explains to Bloomberg News that recent attacks are a continuation of longstanding terrorist tactics, not a major strategy shift by the Islamic State.

Bloomberg News
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Reva Goujon on Next Steps for Turkey

Speaking with CNBC, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon explains how Turkey will respond to the attempted coup and what it means for the country going forward.

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Oil and gas 360

Matthew Bey on Iran's Energy Outlook

One year after the Iran nuclear deal, Oil & Gas 360 speaks with Stratfor Energy Analyst Matthew Bey on where Iran's oil industry stands now.

Oil & Gas 360
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Stratfor on EU Response to Terrorist Attacks

U.S. News & World Report cites Stratfor analysis on how France and Germany will use the terrorist threat in Europe to argue for greater EU integration.

U.S. News & World Report