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U.S. vows to hunt down perpetrators of Benghazi attack

Security outside embassies is the responsibility of the host country, and it's "entirely possible" that U.S. officials asked for but didn't receive help to push back the attackers that ultimately killed Stevens and the other staffers, said Fred Burton, a Stratfor analyst and former State Department counterterrorism agent. "The question will be, once the dominoes fell in Cairo and protests started to occur, what was requested and what was done," he said.

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European Leaders Cling To Ideal Of Integration

George Friedman of the intelligence firm Stratfor sees a failure of institutions, beginning with the European Union itself, the entity that grew out of that coal and steel common market.

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Greece Will Not Recover in Our Lifetimes

Peter Zeihan, vice president for analysis at intelligence-consulting group Stratfor, talks about Greece and Spain's sovereign debt problems and their impact on financial markets. Zeihan speaks from Austin, Texas, with Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television's "First Up."

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