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Adriano Bosoni on European Fragility

Stratfor Senior Europe Analyst Adriano Bosoni tells AFP that France is in a fragile position as it goes into a summit of Southern European EU members.

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Reva Goujon on U.S.-Mexican Relations

Speaking with Bloomberg TV, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon says the border wall issue could be politically explosive for Mexico.

Bloomberg TV
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Reva Goujon on Dealing With Russia

Speaking with Fox News, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon says making progress on U.S.-Russia relations comes with inherent restraints.

Fox News
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Scott Stewart on Travel Safety in Mexico

Speaking with the CBC, Stratfor VP of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart says foreign travelers can still travel safely in Mexico, but they need to take precautions.

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John Minnich on U.S.-China Trade

Speaking with BNN, Stratfor Senior East Asia Analyst John Minnich says contentious talk on trade with China comes with significant repercussions.

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