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Reva Goujon on the Future of Texas Oil

Speaking with D Magazine, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon explains what contributed to the global oil glut and what the road back will look like.

D Magazine
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Omar Lamrani on the Fight for Fallujah

Stratfor Senior Military Analyst Omar Lamrani tells VICE News that Iraq's military needs to win -- and win the right way -- to maintain stability.

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Sim Tack on Latest Syria Satellite Imagery

Speaking with the BBC, Stratfor's Sim Tack explains what new satellite imagery reveals about a recent Islamic State attack on Russian and government forces in Syria.

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Reva Goujon on Tensions Within OPEC

Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon explains on BNN that while OPEC is unlikely to be dismantled, the cartel is becoming more irrelevant.

Business News Network
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Matthew Bey on Nigerian Oil Disruptions

Speaking with BNN, Stratfor Energy Analyst Matthew Bey looks at who's behind the latest attacks in Nigeria and what it means for foreign companies operating there.

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