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When I want the bottom line, and I don't want a lot of fluff, I turn to Stratfor. Their reports, intelligence and analysis are spot on, in terms of relevance, accuracy and comprehensiveness. You don't have to worry about political spin coloring their reporting or analysis. It is objective and straight forward.

Robert M. Marquette
Major General, USAF (Ret)

Stratfor delivers unbiased, accurate and actionable geopolitical analysis and intelligence to individuals, corporations, financial institutions, governments and universities worldwide. We place today's events in context and forecast tomorrow's new developments well before they appear in the headlines.

STRATFOR.COM - For Personal Subscription

Stratfor’s flagship service,, provides foundational analysis that informs readers about what is happening around the globe, why events matter and what will come next. Stratfor’s online publication keeps subscribers informed and connected with access to:

  • Daily situation reports – Short, concise updates on the latest/breaking news.
  • Analyses – In-depth analysis focused on current events and their relevance for future developments.
  • Geopolitical Weekly – In-depth analysis of the most important geopolitical issue of the week.
  • Security Weekly – In-depth analysis of the most important security issue of the week from Vice President of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart.
  • Global Affairs Weekly – Global analysis from top experts in their fields. Including Ian Morris, Jay Ogilvy, and Luc De Keyser.
  • Geopolitical Diary – Reflections on the most important geopolitical event(s) of the day.
  • Forecasts – High-level look at significant geopolitical trends/drivers and how they might impact decision-makers and nation states. Forecasts are delivered:
    • Quarterly Forecast (April, July, October)
    • Annual Forecast (January)
    • Decade Forecast (every five years)
  • Special reports – Data/insight-driven white papers that analyze and spotlight keys issues and events shaping critical security and geopolitical trends.
  • Special series – Multiple, interconnected reports that highlight a particular topic of interest within the security and/or geopolitical spheres.
  • Exclusive Graphics – Stratfor graphics enable readers to visualize complexity, convert data into actionable information and see the geographic aspects of geopolitical events.
  • Videos – Insightful commentary, interviews, and dialogue with Stratfor’s analysts and experts.
  • Archives – An unparalleled archive with over ten years of historical data.

ENTERPRISE MEMBERSHIPS - For Businesses and Organizations Learn More

Stratfor's Enterprise Membership platform organizes and delivers daily, weekly and monthly analysis to meet the needs of busy executives, investors and fund managers as well as military and academic organizations and institutions. Enterprise clients will receive the following services in part of their membership:

Enterprise Portal – Access to Stratfor’s flagship service designed for businesses and organizations at

Global Intelligence Weekly – A comprehensive delivery of Enterprise content from the previous week featuring insights from Stratfor’s senior analysts and guidance for the week ahead.

COMPASS – A monthly publication specifically tailored to meet the needs of business executives by helping to identify opportunities and manage risk through concise, actionable intelligence reports and forecasts.

Premium Research – Internal Stratfor analyses and white papers on the most important and challenging geopolitical issues.

Quarterly Conference Calls – Access to our analysts four times a year for a more thorough discussion of relevant topics.

Intelligence Alerts – Special updates on breaking events that could affect business decisions.


Our advisory engagements focus on direct contact with a team of analysts, consultants and strategists that supports our clients’ business objectives, on either a customized or retainer basis, by performing a range of advisory services, including:

  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Analysis and entry strategies for new markets
  • Strategic planning support
  • Investment or transaction-based due diligence
  • Business development support
  • Business advocacy
  • Global intelligence monitoring
  • Tactical intelligence support
  • Protective intelligence


Stratfor’s keynote speakers deliver insightful, thought-provoking presentations on current headlines and future trends for industry events and corporate gatherings. Speeches cover political, economic, energy, and security issues in every region of the world.


Stratfor can also provide training offering insight into its methodology for developing such analysis and forecasting. Centered on a core geopolitical paradigm, Stratfor’s training program empowers organizations to incorporate the Stratfor methodology into their own operations

I find the insights provided by Stratfor to be very valuable. Stratfor does not offer conventional thinking, but rather detailed, well-supported analysis on a host of issues important to leaders of major enterprises and institutions.

James T. Hackett
Former Executive Chairman of the
Board of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation