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Stratfor analysts are frequently featured in major international print, television, radio and online media outlets sharing their insight on geopolitical developments as well as global security, military, political, energy, and economic issues. Examples of recent interviews and quotations from Stratfor in the news can be found here.

Press Releases

AUSTIN, TX—(October 10, 2016) - As the world watches the impending political transition unfold in the United States, leading geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor forecasts hedged diplomatic efforts, punted trade negotiations and sluggish economic growth to define the months ahead.
AUSTIN, TX—(September 12, 2016) - Stratfor today launched Stratfor Threat LensTM, a customizable, global threat intelligence solution for corporate security leaders. Threat Lens cuts through the noise and gives organizations the ability to identify, anticipate, measure and mitigate risks to their people, assets and interests around the world.
AUSTIN, TX—(July 11, 2016) - The global economy faces more volatility in the months ahead according to Stratfor, which just released its Third-Quarter Forecast for 2016.
AUSTIN, TX—(May 04, 2016) -  Stratfor, a leading geopolitical intelligence platform, today announced that Dave Sikora has been appointed as the organization's new chief executive officer.
AUSTIN, TX—(March 29, 2016) - Crisis and conflict surrounding Syria will drive broader global developments in the months ahead, according to Stratfor, which just released its Second Quarter Forecast for 2016.
AUSTIN, TX—(March 22, 2016) - Stratfor, the global intelligence and advisory firm, officially launches the new StratStore, an online marketplace for in-depth analysis on key geopolitical issues.
AUSTIN, TX—(February 15, 2016) - Stratfor welcomes award-winning journalist and documentary film director Anisa Mehdi as the newest member of the global intelligence and advisory firm's editorial board.
AUSTIN, TX—(January 27, 2016) - Stratfor, the global intelligence and advisory firm, today announced its industry-leading geopolitical analysis and forecasting will now be distributed to the company's Enterprise-level members using the Bloomberg Professional service.
AUSTIN, TX—(December 28, 2015) - Fighting in Syria, the fragmentation of Europe and low oil prices will shape 2016, according to global intelligence and advisory firm Stratfor's Annual Forecast released today.
AUSTIN, TX—(December 10, 2015) - Stratfor today announced that Paul Baker has joined the leading geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
AUSTIN, TX—(November 19, 2015) - Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm, today announced the launch of its new mobile app for iOS and Android devices to make staying connected to world events with independent analysis and forecasting easier than ever before.
AUSTIN, TX—(October 21, 2015) - Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, today announced a major growth equity investment by Dallas-based Teakwood Capital.
AUSTIN, TX—(May 26, 2015) - Stratfor today published its newest editorial series, providing both a historical and current examination of the struggles and power shifts inside the Kremlin, as well as analysis of the impact such struggles have had on Russia's past and present regimes.